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Hello everyone! It's been a while. Again. :ph34r::blush:

Thank you Sarah, QA, Kristen, Shona, Lesley and Sabrina!

I've made some Jack & Martha avatars. In a perfect world (not in a soap opera obviously!), they would have celebrated their 10th anniversary yesterday (their wedding episode aired 10 years ago anyway). Yes, I remember the anniversary of a fictional couple. It's sad, I know! :blush::P If only I could have remembered dates in history class that easily! :lol: 

jack075.png martha064.png jm094.png jm095.png jm096.png

jm097.png jm098.png jm099.png marthatasha002.png cassiejackmarthatony001.png


Feel free to save and use anything you like. Just don't forget to CREDIT if you use them, whether it's here on BttB or any other forums/websites. Thank you!

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Those Jack and Martha icons are gorgeous, Barbara. I think I might have to save some, if that's alright?:D

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Awe, they're so beautiful. I may use one in the future, and definitely will credit you, these make me miss my all time favourites! :wub:

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On 23 April 2013 at 4:36 AM, Sabrina said:

Stunning icons. I love the colouring. :D

I agree! 



its been a while, but I'll be around again, not all the time but enough! 

Gorgeous jack and Martha icons, beautiful colouring and cropping, just beautiful! ☺️

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