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Big Brother 9 UK 2008

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Images of the house have been released. You can see them here:


The house looks realllly good! :D I love the Kitchen. Probably one of the best Big Brother house, minus the rooms. Too prison like for my liking. :P Also rumored that one contestant will be blind. Interesting indeed!

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The house looks nice. I like how simple it is. In the last few years, they have made it small so contestants will be on each other's nerves. It's nice to see that they have gone back to the old BB. :)

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16 Housemates tonight have entered the big brother house.

What does everyone thinks about this year housemates...?

Who do you like so far.?

To help out i thought i've listed all of the housemates names.


1. Stephanie, 19, a maths and economics student from Liverpool

2. Alexandra De-Gale, 23, accounts executive from Croydon

3. Darnell Swallow, 26, songwriter from London

4. Rex, 24, an executive chef from London

5. Mohamed, 23, a toy demonstrator from London

6. Dale, 21, a student from Liverpool

7. Jennifer, 22, a part-time model and full-time mum from Durham

8. Dennis, 23, a dance student from Edinburgh

9. Kathreya, 30, a Thai massage therapist from Kent

10. Mario (real name Shaun), 42, a sales executive from Warrington

11. Lisa, 40, a sales rep for from Warrington

12. Luke, 20, a student and part-time pro-wrestling announcer from Wigan

13. Michael, [ Mikey] a radio producer from Ayrshire [ Blind]

14. Rachel, 24, a trainee teacher from Torfaen, Wales

15. Sylvia, 21, a student from South London

16. Rebecca, 21, a nursery nurse from Coventry

i hope this help, i've done the best i can. :lol::)

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