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BTTB is known for its departure features, but once we had received the news about Kate's departure, we knew we had to do something bigger and better then ever before.

As a result, and after months and months of work, we're proud to finally announce the launch of www.sallyfletcher.net

www.sallyfletcher.net is the most complete and up to date illustrated resource on Sally Fletcher and Kate Ritchie that we are able to give you.

Below are just some of the resources that can be found on the site:

The Story of Sally - a huge year by year account of Sally's time in the bay.

Sally and Love - the ups and downs of Sally's many relationships including reviews of her three weddings and finding true love with Flynn.

Sally character reviews - a look at Sally's issues with self hate and why she was such an iconic character

Sally's best and worst bits - her happiest and saddest moments

Sally Episodes and Clips - a large selection of Sally episodes from the 20 years of the show - plus clips of Kate on It Takes Two.

Goodbye Sally - A detailed synopsis of the storylines leading up to Sal's departure, with your views.

Bevan Lee on Sal's Departure - Bevan tells BTTB about writing Sal's final storylines

Goodbye Kate - pictures from Kate's final days on set

Memories of Kate - ex Cast and Crew members talk exclusively to BTTB about their memories of working with Kate (you may be surprised by who you see)

Scrapbook - All your wonderful Tributes and Artwork! (which have already been sent to Kate)

The site is by no means complete as we will be continuing to add things to it, so make sure to check back in the coming weeks as we add even more episodes, clips of Kate's other acting roles, and most importantly, our exclusive interview with Kate Ritchie herself!

We have an extensive list of thank yous to make; all of which can be found here.

It's not to late to contribute. If you have something you'd like us to add whether it be an episode we can use, a tribute, something we missed etc please contact one of us via the board PMs.

We also ask that you don't upload our episodes and video clips to youtube. They're freely available on the site, uploading them elsewhere makes it pointless us hosting them. Thank you for your assistance with this.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy our tribute to 20 years of Sally Fletcher and Kate Ritchie.

Chris, Dan and Sky

The BTTB and SF.net administrators.

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That's truly taken my breath away. To,say thankyou to You and your team,Dan doesn't seem like enough. But,I truly mean it. Seeing,the stunning content on the site,is no wonder it's taken all of your brilliant hardwork and commitment to bring this to us all. And,whilst I'm here it's made Me teary too.

Well Done BTTB.

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Wow...just wow!

I wasn't expecting that :o

I love that feature and Sally/Kate really deserves it. Gosh it's so beautiful and I'm in love with the beautiful scrapbook and all those exclusive images that I WANT! lol. Good job!

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Bloody hell!!! just as I think you guys, have out done yourselfs..

You go and do one better... A site, but you guys didn't just use any old name, for it. Thats soo not your style... Is it!!! :P

I soooo don't know were to begin (from the top, would be a good idea, woman :P )

This will keep me entertained for a few weeks!!!. At least

A million thanks, is so not enough, to thank you guys. For the mamouth task, that lay ahead of you. A few months ago...You managed to finish it. On time too.

Thanks to everyone past and prescent of H&A. Who also gave there time up. To add there say etc... :D

Dan, I have sent you instructions, on how to open a door to the outside. Step foot into the big, bad reallife. Place we call.. The big outdoors :P

Wow then we have the Kate interview to come, in a few weeks yay. So can't wait to read that :D

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I've just spent the last hour and a bit reading this FANTASTIC site!!! A big CONGRATS and THANK YOU to all those involved with putting it together - you all did an incredibly amazing job!! Anytime I need my Sally fix, I'll know exactly where to go!!

I imagine Kate would be just flattered, amazed and so well loved but what all you guys have done!! It is great!!!!!! Can't wait to read the Kate Ritchie interview - hope she's seen the site by then and can comment on it!! :)

One last word..... WOW!!!

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