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Mark Furze New Show - Mark dropped out

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yeah, hes going to be in a new show as a regular :], its called "revolution" with Kain O'keef from Blue Water High

its an Aussie show that is sort of like The OC Meet's Gossip Girl i am NOT lying about this, promise you :]

heres some proof. yeah it was over myspace, so your choice if you want to believe it or not.


5 May 2008 9:23 PM

hey, thanks for your comment

I won't be on Home and Away but look out for Bec who plays Cassie and Lachie who plays Charley to be on Home and Away around June!!

Im going to be on a new TV show for CH. 10 called "Out Of The Blue", look out for it!

Best wishes, Kaino x


5 May 2008 09:36 PM

ohhhh, are they regulars noww?

ohh niiice

i heard that mark is going onto some new show thats like oc&gossip girl, but im not to sure

okaay, is this myspace operated by you, or your mangerment?


me and my friend are talking about it, cause i was like famous person commented me, and she goes, its operated by there mangement

but im not to sure, but i think its you, not your mangement, if that makes sence

best of luck



6 May 2008 12:04 AM

hey, na i use this, not my agent or anything. umm bec is a regular, not lachie though.. and yeh mark is going onto that show, so am i actually, its called 'Revolution'

dayydumm check it :D

there you go, you can believe it or not believe it

take your choice :]


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Post the link to prove your not lying. Because Mark isn't going to be on shows. He is taking time off for his band.

heres the link its my mypace comments


there you go

and just so you guys know, ill make my myspace public, so you can read them okay and they are from Kain

and heres kains myspace


you can read the comments i sent him there

see, im not lying :]

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If a new television show was in the works, and going into production so soon, you would here about it in the media; which I haven't yet. Not sure about anybody else. This is the first I've heard about this show, with Mark in it or not.

And it's hard to prove your sources if they've been placed on private where no one can access your "sources". Besides, in most interviews I've read with Mark, he's always wanted to focus on his band once his contract expires with H&A. Why would he jump straight back into a new contract with a brand new show so quickly if his main focus has been on his group? As Tam said.

I find the whole the thing baloni until there is some reliable source in the works. You CAN be right, but the facts as it is, it's not in your favour.

Also that comment doesn't state he's a regular. He could just have a guest role. That's IF a show like this is in the works.

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Posting links when profiles are set to private doesn't really help your cause.

well i changed my profile to public, so you guys could read the comments

but like i said its your choice, it isnt in production yet, but even kain said himselve that he was going to be in the show, and mark aswell as regular, but it will be out, i can tell you that. but yeah, but the comments i posted above are the sames one i sent Kain & he sent me. my profile is public though, because i changed it. so -.- and kain said so himself in the comment that he was going to be in it, and its called revolution, but, not much i cant do until you see for yourself, just though id let you guys know.

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When saying your going to post proof its better to have the proof on you. Not stating to have information about said person and not being able to back it up. I wont believe it till I hear it from Mark's mouth or via Dan or TV Week.

And both profiles are still set to private.

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