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  1. is this twitter of rebecca breeds fake? coz it looks fake to me do any of you guys know if she has it? http://twitter.com/RebeccaaBreeds
  2. i added him, quite a while back, when he came back as an extra last year, which is when he told me about Aden becoming a regular charcter, and we used to talk alot, but since then, hes become VERY busy and hardly replies, Jordan and me talk i added him on MSN, when he had his email up, hes a nice kidd xD
  3. Todd is real, i talk to him a fair bit on there, hes a big sweetheart :] so is Charlottes mhmm i know theres a fake one out there, so watch out :]
  4. lol this is funny i wannna read more lol =]
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