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Chef's a hit at home and away

Guest Jamey-Maria

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Chef's a hit at home and away

The Daily Telegraph

April 02, 2008

She's a red hot mama in the kitchen, but Nigella Lawson was happy playing a supporting role between book signings when she visited the set of Home and Away.

The celebrated domestic goddess has kept her public appearances to a minimum, but her first priority on the working holiday was to treat her daughter Cosima Diamond to a tour of the teen's favourite soap.

Gallery: Nigella launches her latest book in Sydney

The pair met Paul O'Brien, Jodi Gordon and Josh Quong Tart among others, and watched filming at the Epping studios.

"Nigella was a real hit with the crew in particular as they love her cooking shows," a set source told TV editor Marcus Casey yesterday.


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I just have to say that I quite adore Paul's outfit. Very Life on Mars. Awesome.

Also, it would just be the best day of my life if Nigella actually appeared. Just kind of meandered into the kitchen, was saucy about the food (and Roman) for like, a one minute scene, and then meandered out again. Genius. They should do that!

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