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Who should Jazz be with?

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Who should Jazz be with?  

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I could see her with all 3 of them as well as Tony but he's got Rachel and Tachel are so sweet.

Miles she could really corrupt and would be interesting to watch but she might just be too much for him.

Aden and Jazz would be fun but we've seen too many older woman/teen boy pairings on the show and Aden's already been through so much... he could do without the Jazz drama!

So I think it's fairly certain that J&M will get back together so I would like to see a Roman/Jazz pairing, like people have said he's calm and sweet and she's wild and fun and they would totally compliment each other, she could be the Yin to his Yang! :lol:

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Being that I started yet another one of these cruel polls (and may have had a hand in an earlier one :ph34r:) I suppose I should comment... I didn't vote because, besides it being an impossible choice, I was too curious to see how everyone else voted :P

Here's what I think:

Aden - Jazz could be good for him. I don't think she'd be a drama at all. Other people might make it a drama, but she wouldn't. She's very comfortable and open about sex, so it might actually help Aden to be with someone like that, who can make it fun and easy for him without any pressure to commit to a long term relationship. However, if he did actually fall in love with her, and she rejected that (like she did to Tony) I suppose it could be damaging... For a casual but intimate fling though, it could work wonders.

Roman - Yep, the total Yin-Yang thing. Nuff said :wink:

Miles - Uh... Yin-Yin? lol. They're both such free spirits who don't let the normal rules of society hold them down. They could be an excellent pairing. The fun would never stop :D lol, imagine them with kids...

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If Aden were in a better state of mind I think he and Jazz would be great together. Right now I think he's too distraught and would probably end up falling in love with her, which would inevitably end badly for both of them. Six months from now I reckon they could have a very fun, no-strings-attached fling. Unfortunately Jazz will probably

have left the Bay by then.

Jazz and Miles would be an odd pairing, she's such a minx and he's so nice, in a quirky way. I'd have to see it before I could form an opinion on it.

Roman and Jazz would probably be the best option, but his romance with Martha is so painfuly boring, I'd worry that it might be the same for him and Jazz. Hopefully the problem in the Roman/Martha relationship is Martha, not Roman.

I'm still holding out for a Jazz/Gavin affair. Why bring a man that attractive into the show if all he is going to do is bark orders at Belle?

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