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Celeste aka Melody

Guest Miss Tan Tan

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Yeah and then she said she would get it next time.

Like he's going to let that happen.

Which was why I was happy that they didn't.

That was nice because Geoff finally saw Melody as he should see her.

It would have been nice for Melody to have made Geoff sweat but there's plenty of time for that.

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Are we sensing another love triangle here :rolleyes: or, lust, should I say on Nicole's and Geoffs part :P

I really like Melody, alot of people thought she was annoying at first, but I think shes really sweet :D

Looking forward to seeing Geoff and Melodys relationship progress :)

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I'm pretty sure of that, on Geoff's part but for Nicole it's a challenge.

I thought Melody was annoying at first because she seemed like an Annie clone and also the way she was acting towards Geoff. I do like her now.

Yeah, I think you're right about that one!

Ugh, and dont even talk to me about Annie <_< She annoys me so much of late lol

Was anyone else practically cheering the other week when Melody told Annie to grow up :lol:

I was like; YOU GO GIRL! :P

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