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Celeste aka Melody

Guest Miss Tan Tan

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Just thought I'd bump this up coz the girl sure needs some luv!!

Celeste's acting gets better and better but every time she gets a script she must wonder what kind of mental angst she is going to have to portray next :lol:

The eating disorder seems out of the blue but maybe she thought if she had something physically wrong with her that her mother could see (ie her losing weight) that Christine might finally admit Melody needs medical help.

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Now you say it I sort of remember her being Maddie's friend. Seen Out of the Blue more recently so why recognises other girl.

When I see pics of Celeste, really can't understand why when she was 1st in it they had Geoff sort of saying she was ugly or something like that. Can't remember quite what he said but it was implied, she is definitely not ugly! Id love lovely long blonde hair like hers!

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I think he meant she's not typically gorgeus like Nicole.Which is why i want him and Melody.To show it's not always the drop dead gorgeous girl who gets the hot guy.

I don't think Nicole is typically gorgeous either, she's just way more done up than Melody, she wears more revealing clothes and has a ton more make-up and an edgier hairstyle, but she can look extremely mediocre at times, for example when they were stranded on the island:


I think Melody looks lovely here, with her hair up and a little eye make-up:


I also like that pic because it's kind of the start of a new family at Summer Bay House, Jai and Melody are like the new Ric and Cassie.

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