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Celeste aka Melody

Guest Miss Tan Tan

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I couldn't care how old she is, she must be preserved in a glass case with all my other fantasy girls...

Ahem *cough*

No, seriously, this girl is quite gorgeous... someone immediately find me some info on this girl... more must be known... Geoff might like Melody, but I REALLY like Celeste :P

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I don't know. She's kind of... interesting... I don't know why, she's just been standing around and talking, doing nothing... Her Mum sounds very like old Bruce... very correct, and wouldn't surprise me if she was holy as hell... heaven. I wonder if they were related... Hmm...

I can't wait for Meoff! ^_^

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Well she told me she got a really good story line then refused to elaborate <_< Which may I add is NOT fair! But I will happily wait to see how Meoff ( <_< You and your couple names here!!!) Plays out.

hahhaa i love couple names, they are amusing. especially Meoff! its like mEEEEEEEEEEEEOooowwwwwwwwwwwwwffff, like a car kinda whizzing by, and my fav word - mEow! woohoo, but i don't think i'm gonna like her, or meoff.

oh god... not Anne Baxter, she use to make me scream at the tv, i hate her. However differently she will be in Home & Away, i don't think i'll be able to get over my hatred of her. *prays she ain't gonna be a regular*.

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I thought the Tessa James...who playd Nicole would be a regular and Aden's romance.

For some reason from bits and bobs i've seen on youtube..i quite like Celeste as Melody. She seems different..and quite a natural actress.

You're thought was correct :)

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