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Who is the funniest drunk?

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Which character is the funniest drunk?  

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defo Martha, like after Sally and Brad's non wedding when Jack walked her up to the apartment, Jaxk said "I do" and then Martha said: "I do, that;s what you said on our wedding day, but you don't do, do you?" it was something like that but i cracked up laughing, Jodi was great!

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Lol :lol: I loved Martha when she was drunk after Sally and Brads wedding. Also when she was hungover and Jack found her on the beach following all the Ash drama. "I can walk" *stumbles* :lol:

Also, who could forget the drinking contest between her and Jack when they first met. Martha was hilarious then :D

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Martha! That girl is seriously funny and she really cracked me up at Sally and Brad’s non-wedding :lol: "But you don’t ’I do’ do you?" :lol: Jodi is great when she plays drunk Martha.

He’s not on the list, but after Martha’s birthday party I think it was, Jack was really funny :lol:

Jack: "Dad, you know I love you?" *leans on Tony*

Tony: *laughs* "There’s no way I’m helping you clean up this mess!"

or something among those lines. Unfortunately he’s not often drunk <_<

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