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  1. When Charlie first appeared on the show, I was a little uncertain about her character. She seemed really curt and uncaring but over the year and a half on the show she's really grown and is actually now my favourite female character with Ruby a close second (helped nicely by the mother/daughter storyline I must add). I love how the persona we first saw has been explained over the years especially with the recent storylines and now we can understand where that attitude and personality came from I can't wait to see how Charlie is involved in the season finale. Am so exctied to see her unmasked the mystery person behind everything, although I hate that she might risk her life to do it
  2. I loved all the Charlie/Ruby storylines surrounding Ruby's true heritage and Charlie's rape. I agree that the groundwork was always there with Charlie's character for something like this, especially with the stuff about Charlie never really getting on with her dad. I can't wait for Ruby to call Charlie 'mum.' I think that Charlie is really trying to make an effort to step into that role herself which can't be easy given the 16 years of pretending to be her sister, and she is coming across a little overbearing with the whole diabetes thing, but I can sort of see why. She can finally act in the capacity of Ruby's mum now everything is out in the open, and she's sort of trying to find her way and change as she goes along, stepping on Ruby's toes a little in the process. I agree with the above poster who said that they'll probably get the Ruby calling her 'mum' scene with one of them in the hospital. I always thought that would be the way they'd do it. I mean, it's completely obvious but it's actually realistic. I think Ruby needs Charlie's lives to be in danger and at risk of losing her to put everything in perspective for her. Fair enough she's 16 and her life has been turned upside down. She needs time to get over that and comes to term with everything that's happened, but the prospect of losing Charlie will make her realise that she needs to accept the past and move on, giving Charlie the chance to be her mum and having that great relationship or continue to be uncertain around her and possibly lose her before they've really had a chance to connect as a mother/daughter relationship. She's already lost one mum and she's kind of been given a second chance with Charlie but she could lose her too if she's not careful.
  3. I agree, at the moment her and Nicole are my favourite female characters on the show with Ruby coming up close behind
  4. I am loving Charlie's character at the moment. Can't wait to see what happens next week. I felt so bad for her when Morag announced her business at the table like that in front of her family. Morag is one nosy busy body. I actually think she's worse than Colleen! Anyway, Esther has been doing an amazing job with her scenes recently. She's really improved since she first joined the cast last year. I love that Charlie has a lot of depth and layers to her character now, it's definately made her more relatable.
  5. I agree! I have always loved the relationship between these two. They have their fights like all other siblings but at the end of the day, they will always be there supporting one another I really like that they are able to talk about anything together. I cannot wait to see how this new storyline pans out. I bet there'll be a lot of angst in the beginning but ultimately I think we'll see their relationship back on track to one extent or another and hopefully we'll get a lot of great Charlie/Ruby scenes when that happens.
  6. I loved Charlie in the first episode of the year, I'm slowly starting to see her as the sort of unsung hero at the moment, someone who does what needs to be done to help but doesn't necessarily love basking in the adoration and praise that may come with it. I mean, first she risked her life to save Annie in the storm drain and then she pulls Kane out of the car without so much as a thank you. Whereas Angelo was praised immensely for pulling Martha out of the school hall. I am really interested to see how her character develops this year, I think she has really grown as a character since she started on the show and we are finally starting to see what is beneath her facade and strong, independent exterior which is great. I can't wait to see more Ruby and Charlie scenes as I really like their relationship on the show.
  7. I love the addition of the Buckton sisters to Home and Away. Ruby is such a refreshingly level headed teenager and I like the dynamic between her and Charlie. I agree with the above poster who said that she's probably had to mature quickly after the death of her mother and due to being in boarding school she's always had to look after herself and be independent. I think that being in boarding school has probably allowed her to find out and identify who she is as a person. I can't wait to see what the writers throw at both her and Charlie next year. Here's hoping for some good emotional scenes. I'd love to see her relationship with Charlie develop more as well and maybe get some background as to why Ruby seems to take on the role of older sister and feel the need to look out for her/protect her when it should be the other way around.
  8. I really like Charlie's character and although like some people have said, she can seriously jump the gun about things, I have to say that's one of the things I like about her because it makes her vulnerable and human. She's passionate about what she believes in and loyal to her friends which to me is not a bad trait. I love that she's a character that the show doesn't try and saintify and that can do no wrong. I definately identify with characters that make their fair share of mistakes.
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