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Martha vs. Sam

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Marth vs. Sam  

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Martha doesn't really love Jack she just wants him because Sam has him.

Martha's super hot but I think Jack will be better off with Sam.

I also think he loves her more than he loved Martha,

think about it, the problems with him and Martha started because he was always putting work first and not giving her the attention she so craves (she loves attention, remember when she was a pole dancer) and Jack recently put his job at risk for Sam and Rory and always offers to take time off work to stay with Sam when she has one of her daily crisis'.

Jack has learned from the mistakes he made in his marriage to Martha but Martha hasn't learned a thing.

She still gets drunk and makes a fool of herself whenever things don't go her way and she throws herself at any man who comes within twelve feet of her (eg Hank) If Jack and Martha get back together it'll only be because the writers need another wedding to blow up.

I know Sam can be annoying but she's a pretty one dimensional character at the moment but so is everyone when they first come to summer bay.

I think if she stays she could be a really good character, maybe even the new Sally.

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Martha doesn't really love Jack she just wants him because Sam has him.

People keep saying that and I fail to see how you come to that conclusion when they were well on their way to getting back together before Sam was on the scene. Especially after the boating accident when Martha went to tell him how she felt about him and then Sam was there. She didn't know she was there and she was going to tell him that she loved him, especially recently when she keeps putting her happiness second to his as opposed to Sam who only does what's best for her and her son- no one else. And I don't think that just because Jack has learnt to put his family responsibilities before his job it means he loves her more, it's because this time there's much more at stake, like Rory. It's not like he hasn't put his life and job on the line for Martha as well and other people close to him. It seems like he feels more obliged to Sam and Rory than in love with her.

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