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Martha vs. Sam

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Marth vs. Sam  

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I voted for Martha for all three. But yet, at the same time, I don't hate Sam. I mean, if your husband's ex-wife was hanging around all the time and your husband was umming and ahhing about whether to let go of her or not, you'd probably be a bit miffed as well. :wink: But yet, I really do feel that Martha and Jack have more chemistry between them than Sam and Jack do. I think if Sam had been on the show as long as Martha has, then I'd feel differently. But the fact remains, Martha and Jack's relationship has had the time to grow. We've gotten to see them fall in love, have both the dislike and the friendship for one another, go through all the dramas and emotions together. I don't think that a newer character can possibly compete with all of that.

And the same can probably be said for personality traits. We've had the chance to watch Martha for three odd years, get to really know her, see what her personality is like, watch her grow as a character. I personally like Martha's personality better, for the simple reason that she is more interesting to watch on air. Yes, she does make some really stupid decisions at times, but for me, that's part of the fun and the interest. Whereas, Sam doesn't really seem to do as much or get into as much trouble. It should be interesting to see what this year brings for both girls.

And as for looks, I prefer Martha as well. But Sam is by no means ugly. I love her hair! :)

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