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  1. Hope you get to update soon, I miss this fic =)
  2. Wow, I love this fic so much. Really dislike tegan, cant wait to hear what Brax has got to say
  3. It was good and was it just me or did it look like he was welling up?
  4. I loved the slight awkwardness he had, he wasnt too awkward but you could tell he was in shock and wondered how to act to someone hes known for years and is now her 'father'
  5. I feel so sorry for Brax when he was saying shes (tegan) has made him into someone he didnt want to be
  6. Great update, really like the fact they live together now Looking forward to brax and charlie talking
  7. I really feel for charlie at the moment, she really is heartbroken Also does Bianca know that charlie was raped? Just with Bianca not coping I was half expecting some kind of conversation between them about, well how charlie went through the same thing, just something other than the cop to victim type conversation
  8. Aww Ive never noticed that before, in that case I hope we do get a good scene out of that one
  9. I must have missed that scene from the promo I do wonder how bad Brax gets hurt, I mean how long will he stay in hospital. Im surprised up until last week one of the braxtons hadnt been in hospital, I mean who in summer bay hasnt been admitted there several times!
  10. Im so happy youve updated, it was well worth the wait. Loved the scenes with Ruby and charlie, IM glad ruby came to an understanding and calling her 'mum' awww Hmmm not liking tegan, what has she got planned?!
  11. Just caught up on the last few chapters Ive missed and wow things have got really interesting cant wait to read more
  12. I just think Tegan knows too much there has to be a reason for wanting to keep her on side.
  13. Wow, Ive just got back from a 2 week holiday and just got up and a lot of stuff happened with chax. First of all wow, its looked like it was going so well, it was all emotional when brax tipped off charlie and then the last week just went downhill. Im so happy that they finally said I love you, there conversations have been more real and wow I just dont know what to think right now
  14. I hope there is some kind of twist otherwise its a little boring and predictable
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