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Proof Reading Form

Title of Story: Not so sure yet

Type of Story: It should be medium/long, I have the plot in mind but it's still developing, I have the basic idea though.

The Story's rating: Probably just T/T+

Main Characters: It's a JM Fic, but it includes lots of others, so don't worry. I'd say it has a bit of everybody.

Does it contain spoilers: No major spoilers, little pinpricks maybe...

What type of proof reader would you like: I'd like a combination, someone who could help me with SPAG etc. but also someone who'll help me with ideas and improve my writing and edit the chapters a little. basically I write the general gist of it and the PR can butcher it how they like! Sounds really fun to me!

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Happy 2008 to all proof readers


Just a reminder that if proof readers have finished proofing fics that have been allocated to them, please let either Allibaz91 or myself know, so that we can keep track of who is available to proof other people's fics.

A gentle reminder for Zetti and Nicom :


This will only be done by either QUIET ACHIEVER or Allibaz91, as they know the specific requirements of each proof reader. The results of this allocation will be posted in this thread. Always inform either of us, via PM, when you have finished proof reading a particular fic so that we can keep track of your availability. Once a proof reader has been allocated to you, please PM them with your chapter/s. They will then check for spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation errors, and things that don't make sense. They will edit it and change these for you, and then PM you it back, for you to post. If you are already half way through your fan fic, you can still have your chapters checked. Please DO NOT take it upon yourselves to allocate proof readers.

If anyone needs a proof reader, please don't forget to fill in a Proof Reader Form which can be found on Page 1 of this thread.

Folks, there are rules if place for a reason so please adhere to them. Fairness is the aim of this thread and there are proof readers who have been waiting patiently for a turn. Please respect the rules!

Zetti, if I'm not mistaken and please correct me if I'm wrong, you are proofing a fic for kacie. Therefore each proof reader should only be proofing one fic at a time.

Welcome Jayde to the proof readers list and a proof reader will be assigned to you for your request too.

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Yea but that sounds like it'd take A LOT of time and messing around.... and you weren't here to do it. So, yes, I took it upon myself... but it worked, didn't it? Well it nearly did.

Zetti was just helping me out... I made clear it was only a one-off fic and so Zetti was just helping out a member. She wasn't really taking on a new fic. Plus Zetti didn't do it in the end anyway! :P

If I ever write a big fic, or a short fic, I'll do it your way 'cause I understand your logic. But... for just one oneshot? I thought it'd cause less hassle by just asking myself...

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