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Damn Feelings...

Guest Paige__

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Title: Damn Feelings

Author: Paige__

Category: Long Fic (More then one chapter, but we'll have to see…)

Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy

Main Characters: Probably all the Cast.

Rating: T




((This is based from where we are in the UK, but I might not include everything, and I'm sorry about this. Just to let you know, I might step into the future a bit, and I'm sorry if I get some facts wrong.))

Chapter One;;


The waves lashed upon the shore, cascading down on the sand as the figure silently walked. It was just after eight in the morning, and Belle couldn't sleep. She had tried to count every sheep, but sleep failed to make any appearance at all, so she had silently crept downstairs and headed for the beach, seeking peace and quiet.

There was no way around the fact that a certain Belle Taylor was angry. How could Drew be so stupid? She was trying to protect her mother's relationship, not ruin it! Drew was just like his father. He couldn't see the truth. He couldn't see that Amanda loved Peter, and didn't want to hurt him. First Ric, then Lucas and now Drew. Belle didn't have any luck in relationships, and she had had just about enough of it. She was sick of everyone thinking she was a slut, and she was just about a sick of everything thinking the same about her mother. Drew's sharp words came back, ringing in her head.

"You're a slut, just like your mother."

Belle sat down, leaning against a small rock and closing her eyes, wishing she could just get away from Summer Bay, away from all the havoc and just start again, before she knew who her mum was, before she met Ric, Drew or even Lucas. And she could start again, and this time she'd know she would never hurt Lucas, and she'd make sure Drew knew she never wanted to get back with him. Because Drew and her were over.

But why did the feeling in her gut tell her otherwise? Why did she still wish she was back with Drew and he had forgiven her? Damn feelings…

"Belle, are you okay? Belle?" A voice cut through her sleep, as a blurry eyes Belle woke up, rubbing her eyes, making the person in front of her in focus, it was Peter. Fantastic, Drew's dad.

"Oh, Peter, yeah I'm fine, what time is it?" Belle asked, sitting up and yawning, not exactly happy she was talking to the man who had broken her mother's heart.

"Just after eight thirty…" Peter said, looking at his watch for clarification.

Belle thanked him and stood up, bidding Peter goodbye she started to walk off, not wanting to be in his presence any long, but Peter called after her.

"Have you spoken to Drew recently?"

Belle froze, turning around slowly.

"No. Why do you ask?" Her voice was a little higher then normal.

"I just wonder-"

Belle cut him off. "Well don't. Drew and I are over. And in case you forgot, you broke my mother's heart, so I'm not exactly going to cry my eyes out to you over your son. Bye."

And Belle hurried off, not once looking back at the crestfallen face of Peter Baker as he was reminded once again of the woman he loved.

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