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She Must Tell

Guest bttb-rox!

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Story Title: She Must Tell

Type of story: Long fiction

Main Characters: Olllie, Sally and other characters

BTTB rating: G

Genre: A mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: Ollie Robson is a 17 year old kid who arrived in Summer Bay to get away from the life he had as a child. His mother supposedly died in a car crash when he just six years old. But Sally knows something that could change his life forever....

Note: This fic is in the form of a script.

Chapter 1

Scene Location: Sally’s Kitchen.

Sally and Brad are washing up in the kitchen. Sally is deep in thought, and is obviously distracted by something.

Brad: I’m so glad that Ollie is happy here. I mean, he deserves it after the hard life that he’s had. Imagine being taken away from your mother and your father at such a young age.

Sally: Well, I lost my mum and dad when I was three and it still hurt, and he was older then me when he lost his.

Brad: I’m sorry Sal.

Sally: It’s okay.

Brad: Ollie seems like a genuinely nice kid, doesn’t he?

Sally hesitates to answer

Sally: Yeah, he does.

Brad gives Sally a strange look as if he knows something’s not right, but before he can say anything, Ollie walks through the door.

Ollie: Hey, I’m back.

Brad: How did you go at the Yabby Creek?

Ollie: Yeah fine, I just got some shampoo and some other stuff I needed.

Brad: Ah right...

Ollie opens up the fridge.

Brad: Looking for something?

Ollie: A drink, I’m gasping, it’s so hot out there.

Sally: There’s some O.J. in the cupboard.

Ollie: Thanks Sal.

Brad: Oh and by the way you might want to wear some sun cream next time.

Ollie: I’ll bear that in mind.

Brad: Good

Ollie: Well I’ll just take these up stairs.

Brad nods, Ollie walks upstairs

Brad: What’s up with you today?

Sally: What do you mean?

Brad: Oh, you’ve just been a bit quiet that’s all.

Sally hesitates to say anything

Sally: I… I’ve found something out.

Brad: About?

Sally: Ollie.

Sally hesitates again

Brad: Well are you going to tell me what’s going on or am I going to have to guess?

Ollie walks back downstairs

Sally: Ollie’s mother isn’t dead.

Sally and Brad realise that Ollie has heard what she has just said. Ollie stands still in total shock. Ollie slowly walks in and sits at the dining table.

Sally: I’m so sorry Ollie, I only found out this morning.

Brad: This is unbelievable.

Ollie: But she died… in the car crash.

Sally: She didn’t.

Ollie: What do you mean?

Sally: Your mother wasn’t the only person in the car that night; there was someone else with her.

Ollie: Who?

Sally: I don’t know. But she was the one that died, not your mother. But there is something else that I need to tell you…

Ollie hesitates and looks up

Sally: Your mother’s here. She’s in Summer Bay.

Ollie gets up in shock, and runs out of Sally’s house...

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Thanks, Zetti! :D I meant to say before that Jack and Martha aren't married in this....yet :P. I have plans for those two, so don't worry JnM fans :lol:. This is the next part....

Chapter 2


Ollie is running towards the beach and falls into the sand. He sees a pebble and throws it into the sea. He then gets up and starts walking slowly.


Sally and Brad are sitting at the table.

Sally: He’ll be alright. He's a good kid.

Brad: Yeah, I know. There is one thing that I still can’t get my head around, though. The fact that his mother is still alive.

Sally: Yeah, it took me a while to believe it too.

Brad: I should do some something.

Sally: What can you do?

Brad: Well, maybe I should go and talk to Ollie, and I can see how he really feels about the situation.

The expression on Sally’s face indicates that she thinks that Brad’s suggestion is a bad idea.

Brad: Well have you got any better ideas?

Sally: Yes, I have actually. Ollie has just found out that his dead mother is still alive. He's confused right now. You can’t expect him to talk to you about things until he's figured them out himself.

Brad:...Yeah, but I can try.

Brad fetches his keys

Sally: Aghhh, Brad!

Brad hastily walks out of Sally’s house towards the beach. Sally follows him.


Sally: Brad, will you please slow down!

Brad: And do what?

Sally: Talk to me!

Brad: I need to talk to Ollie.

Sally manages to catch up with Brad and forces him to stop and talk to her.

Sally: What did I just say when we were back at the house?

Brad: That you didn’t think it was a good idea for me to speak with Ollie, I know.

Sally: Well are you going to listen to me then? You can’t just run off like that and expect to find Ollie and then actually get him to speak to you.

Brad: I thought I could try.

Sally: I know, Brad.

Brad: I want him to know that we are there for him. You know, that he doesn’t have to deal with this on his own.

Sally: He does. I know Ollie. Just give him a while and he’ll calm down. But in the mean time, I think we should just go back to the house and we can talk back there.

Brad: Okay.

Sally walks away

Brad: Sal.

Sally turns around

Brad: I’m sorry.

Sally slowly walks towards Brad again

Sally: You’ve got nothing to be sorry about.

Brad smiles. They both hug. And then start walking back to the house.


Ollie is still walking slowly along the beach. When he sits down on the beach, he pulls out a picture of his mother. He looks at it for a moment, and then puts it back in his pocket.


Brad and Sally are talking in the kitchen. Sally senses that Brad’s not happy about something.

Sally: You still want to go and talk to him, don’t you?

Brad: Yes.

Sally: Aghh, Brad. He doesn’t want to speak to you...anybody!

Ollie walks through the door

Ollie: Actually, I do.

Sally: Ollie, how are you?

Ollie: I’m fine, thanks. Yep, I’ve just found out that my dead mother is alive. I thought she was dead!

Sally: I know. I’m sorry. I should have told you this morning, but I...

Ollie interrupts

Ollie: Yes, you should have!

Brad: Just let Sal finish.

Sally: I didn’t want to upset you. Which is exactly what’s just happened. I did it for you, Ollie.

Ollie: Just stay out of my life, okay.

Sally: Ollie!

Ollie heads upstairs. Brad and Sally look at each other.

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I would!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Why do I have a feeling Martha's his mum!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you there, Becky. Martha isn't Ollie's mum, but what a great twist if she was! :lol: The first part of the script in my first post was entered into the BttB script competition, so I posted a little 'flashback' type thing to when Sally found out who Ollie's mum was. Obviously this is before all the other stuff I have posted, so this is it in case you haven't seen it before :D:

Sally went to the surf club this morning, and saw a woman who looked identical to the person she saw in a picture that Ollie showed her of his mother. She walked up to the woman and asked her if she knew anybody called Oliver Robson, the woman replying affirmatively. Sally found out that the woman she was talking to was actually Ollie’s mother; she didn’t die in the car accident! Sally now has to break this news to Ollie.

This is what you've got to look foward to in the next few chapters!


Ollie runs away! Where has he gone? Will he be found?

Jack, Martha, Kim and Rachel have dinner together, but tradgedy is just around the corner!

There's bit of Jack and Martha fluff in the next few chapters too :P.

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When I read the first chapter,I was certain I read it somewhere else,took me alittle while to realize it was the script writing competition..It was good..Really glad you are carrying on with it,I would like to see where it goes.

And those spoilers are good,poor Ollie..Hope he goes back to Sally and forgives her.

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Thanks a lot, Reo! I'm glad you're enjoying it :D. This is quite a long update :D.

Chapter 3


Cassie, Matilda and Ric are having lunch at the diner. Ric is ordering food at the front.

Matilda: So, how’s Ollie fitting in?

Cassie: Yeah, okay I think. I mean his pretty quite, but whenever you bring football up everything changes.

Matilda: It’s nice his got a hobby his interested in.

Cassie: Yeah, I guess.

Matilda: What, you don’t think having footie for a hobby is a good idea?

Cassie: No, it’s not that

They both laugh. Ric comes over with their lunch.

Ric: What are you guys laughing about?…Not me I hope?

Matilda: Oh no, we’d never laugh at you, Ric.

Cassie and Matilda both have serious looks on their faces, but it’s obvious that they are joking.

Ric: Ha, Ha.

Cassie: Anyway, I’ve got to get going, guys.

Ric: Oh, I’ve just got lunch.

Cassie Yeah, I know. I said that I’d have lunch with Brad and Sal this morning, though. Sorry.

Ric: That’s okay.

Cassie: Have a good time anyway.

Matilda: Thanks.

Cassie walks towards the front and pays. .

Ric: Oh yeah, Cass.

Cassie: Yep.

Ric: Was it just me or was Sally a bit…weird this morning?

Cassie: No, I noticed that too.

Ric: It’s probably nothing.

Cassie: Hmm, anyway, I’ll see you later.

Matilda: Bye.

Ric: Now I get to spend some quality time with my girlfriend…eating chips.

They both laugh and then kiss.


Brad and Sally are sitting at the table discussing things. Cassie then walks through the door.

Cassie: Hey.

Sally: Hi.

Cassie: Sorry, have I burst in the middle of something? I can go.

Sally: No, no, you haven’t. Well...kind of.

Scene fade in –

Cassie: Ollie’s mother is alive.

Brad: Yeah.

Cassie: Wow, that’s pretty huge.

Sally: Yeah, it is.

Cassie: How’s Ollie taken the news?

Sally: Ermm, not to well actually.


Ollie is sitting on his bed. He looks at the photo of his mother again, and tears it up and puts it in the bin. He then hears a knock at the door.

Ollie: Who is it?

Brad: It’s me.

Brad opens up the door

Ollie: Let me guess, Sally sent you up here to talk to me, right?

Brad: No. The opposite, actually. She doesn’t want me to talk to you at the moment.

Ollie: Well, she’s right.

Brad: I just want to know how you’re feeling right now.

Ollie: …Confused.

Brad: Okay, well that’s normal.

Ollie: What’s not normal is that my mother is alive and I didn’t know. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense.

Brad: Well, maybe your mother didn’t want you to know.

Ollie: But why?

Brad: Maybe it had something to do with your father.

Ollie: My dad went to jail for tax fraud. Why would it have anything to do with him?

Brad: Well, maybe she…I really don’t know, Ollie.

Ollie: I knew you’d say that.

Brad: You should talk to her.

Ollie: …Maybe. I just need some time to think.

Brad: Okay, well we’re having an early dinner, so you might want to come down in a minute.

Ollie: Thanks.

Brad leaves Ollie’s room and heads downstairs. Ollie starts listening to his music.


Brad: He seems okay.

Sally: You went to talk to him, then?

Brad: Yes, I did.

Sally: I thought it might take him a while to speak to anyone.

Brad: Yeah. He's obviously dealing with this in his own way. And he seems to be coping quite well at the moment. I guess it’s just a question of how long that'll continue.



Sally: Cassie, dinner's ready!

Cassie comes down the stairs

Cassie: Hey, I’m here.

Sally: Do you think you could help me set the table?

Cassie: Yeah, sure. I thought that was usually one of Ollie’s tasks, though.

Sally: It is normally. I think he's taken this whole thing pretty hard, though. Brad says that Ollie seems to be dealing with everything okay, but I don’t know.

Cassie: Well, do you want me to have a chat with him?

Sally: Thanks, but I think he just needs his own space at the moment. He’ll open up to us when his ready.

Cassie: Yeah, you’re probably right.

Ollie walks down the stairs

Ollie: Hey.

Sally: Ollie, I didn’t think you’d be joining us.

Ollie: I changed my mind.

Sally: Well, I’m glad. I’ve got your favourite...Casserole.

Ollie: Ah, thanks.

Sally puts all the dinners on the table and everyone sits down.


Rachel: I hope Jack and Martha are still coming around for dinner.

Kim: Yeah, they are. I just rang them. Everything’s fine.

Rachel: I just want everything to be perfect, you know. The food, the house...

Kim interrupts Rachel

Kim: Rachel, the food looks amazing, the house looks perfect, and you know what...we’re not bad company either.

Rachel: You reckon?

Kim: Yep, I think tonight’s going be great. It’s been a while since we’ve all hung out together.

Rachel: Yeah, it should be good.

Kim: Should?

Rachel: Yeah.

Kim: Will, I think you mean.

Rachel: Okay, tonight will be great.

Kim: That’s more like it.

They kiss

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No comments :(:P. Here's the next part anyway...

Chapter 4


Beth: Now you’re sure that you don’t want anything else to eat before you go?

Jack: Beth, honestly, I’m fine.

Beth: Okay.

Martha: Yeah, I’ve heard Rachel’s a pretty good cook anyway.

Jack: But not as good as you.

Martha: No one is a better cook than me, Jack.

Jack: If you say so.

They all laugh.


Brad: So, Ollie, when’s the next footie match on the box?

Ollie: Some time next week.

Brad: Ah…cool.

There is an awkward tension at the dinner table

Sally: I’m just going to get dessert.

Brad: I’ll help.

Ollie: Thanks for the dinner, Sal.

Sally: It was no trouble.

Brad: I’d be worried if I were you, Ollie. She’ll have you cooking casseroles everyday for the next year.

The others laugh

Ollie: Yeah. I’m just going to go back up stairs.

Sally: Oh, what about dessert?

Ollie: Maybe I’ll have it later.

Brad: Okay.

Ollie goes back upstairs

Sally: Just give him time.


There is a knock at the door

Kim: I’ll get it.

Kim opens the door

Jack: Hey.

Martha: Hi, I hope we’re not too early.

Rachel: No, not at all. Come in.

Jack: Thanks.

Martha: You shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.

Rachel: It was no trouble at all.

Kim: Make yourselves at home.


There is a knock at Ollie’s bedroom door

Sally: Hey, it’s just me.

Ollie: What do you want?

Sally: Just a chat would be good.

Ollie:…Come in.

Sally opens up the door and sits on the edge of Ollie’s bed. Ollie is still listening to his music .

Sally: What are you listening to?

Ollie: Just the radio at the moment.

Sally: Right. You know...if you can listen to the radio I’m sure you can listen to me.

Ollie: Yeah, maybe.

Sally: Look, I know this is a big thing for you to take in right now and no one, especially me, expects you to rush into anything. But I just need to ask you some questions like...do you want to see your mother?

Ollie: I’m not sure yet.

Sally: …Okay. It will take time for you to figure things out, Ollie. And I’m here if you need me. I can arrange for you to meet with your mother if and when you want to. But like I said before, there's no need to rush anything. There's plenty of time to talk about things.

Ollie: Thanks.

Sally: No worries.

Sally opens up Ollie’s door to leave.

Sally: Oh and in case you want it I just thought I’d let you know there is a trifle downstairs and it’s got your name written all over it.

Ollie and Sally both laugh

Ollie: Thank you….for everything.

Sally smiles and leaves Ollie’s room. Ollie puts his headphones back on.



Jack: So, Kim, tell me, how did you end up with a wife who can cook as well as Rachel?

Martha throws a tea towel at Jack

Martha: I take that as an insult.

Jack: Ah, well you shouldn’t. You’re an excellent cook.

Martha: Thank you.

Martha smiles at Jack

Martha: But, even if I do say so myself, the food was amazing, Rachel. Thank you so much.

Rachel: It was no trouble, honestly. Wow!

Martha: What?

Rachel: Your engagement ring is beautiful!

Martha: Aww, thank you! It’s just a bit too wide, though. It keeps falling off. But you're going to the jewellers tomorrow, aren’t you, Jack?

Jack: I am indeed.

Martha: Thank you.

Jack and Martha smile at each other

Kim: Anyway, I was thinking maybe we could head for the Surf Club.

Jack: Yeah, cool, I’m in.

Martha: Yep, sounds great to me.

Everyone starts to get up

Rachel: Okay, well let me just get my bag and I’ll be ready.

Just as Martha heads out of the door, her engagement ring falls off onto the floor.

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