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The Hills

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Anyone but me loving The Hills?

If you haven't heard of it, it's LC's spin-off from Laguna Beach, about her life in LA with Heidi, Audrina and Whitney.

I started watching the first season about a week ago and I didn't really think I'd like it but I was completely hooked after one episode. The reason why I liked it so much wasn't the drama (the LB drama was better) but because Heidi is so dumb. Excuse me, but she's not very bright IMO.

Then in the second season she got a bit smarter, but the drama also got better, so I loved that season as well (I have watched the entire second season today, feeling guilty about not studying...)

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Me neither. I bet there'll be loads of Heidi and Spencer drama now that they got engaged and everything.

I don't think Whitney will be in this season though, didn't she leave for like a different internship in NY or something at the end of season 2? Not that I really care though, I never really liked Whitney.

But I hope we get to see more of Lo and Stephen, Stephen hasn't even been seen in the first two season, and him and LC used to be like best friends...

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