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The Hills

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I just saw it, looks like it's gonna be good! And Lo will be in it! Yay! :D

No Steven though, I just hope he will be in the actual episodes like rumour has it.

I found the part about Whitney quitting weird though, was that staged because she got fired? Cause it's been all over the news that they got fired because TeenVogue no longer wanted to be associated with the show. But maybe that was just Lauren? Well, turns out a lot of The Hills is fake anyway, so what is one more lie? :P

The last part annoyed me, seriously, Lauren needs to get over herself with all this crap about Heidi being so bad. She's just as bad herself, if not worse, and Heidi never tried to pass off as the innocent victim like Lauren did. Gah, I'm definitely Team Heidi :P

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I watched about an Episode from Season 2 a few weeks ago, but they were showing the whole of Season 2 on one afternoon (who does that anyway?), so I couldn't keep following, but I was hooked on one episode, so I'm downloading the whole Season 1 & 2 now.

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Hehe, yeah I agree with you, but mostly because I can cap the downloads :P I didn't download all of the episodes before the hiatus though, cause I hadn't been watching for weeks, so I had like six or seven episodes to catch up on, so I figured I'd watch them online instead of downloading them, I wasn't that patient :P

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