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Lauren is driving me crazy. What the hell was that crao about practically yelling at Audrina for letting Heidi pick up her stuff? Like Heidi pointed out, she was the one who introduced Lauren to Audrina, it's just ridiculous how Lauren is making her friends pick sides like that. She's just a hypocrite, going on and on about how horrible Spencer is because he's mad at Stephanie for hanging out with her. Wake up Lauren, the reason for all this drama is that you made Heidi choose between you and Spencer, and now you're making your friends choose between you and Heidi as well. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to think Lauren and Spencer hate each other so much because they're too much alike.

They're alike in that respect, but not in any other way really. They're both needy and possessive, but in other ways Lauren is a very nice person, whereas Spencer doesn't appear to have any other redeeming qualities.

That's true.

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Yeah, I agree... And Lauren used to be a nice person. I've had a major LB marathon today, and while I was watching season 1 and 2 and the aftershows I realised I almost started liking her again, I definitely liked her way better before she moved to LA and started hanging out with Heidi, Whitney and Audrina.

Spencer is just a jerk. Although, every once in a while (okay, not even that often) he has a moment where I actually start to almost think he might not be a completely horrible person, moments where I can actually understand that Heidi could possibly see anything in him. Like when Heidi thought she was pregnant and told him without telling him right away that she had taken the test and it came back negative... And when he went to Colorado to see her, and they were saying goodbye when he went back to LA.

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This week's episode was pretty good... The Heidi/Spencer stuff gave me flashbacks though, it was just like season one when Heidi was with Jordan again. Next episode looks good as well, I wonder if Lo will be a regular if she and Lauren gets that house together and MTV decides to make another season.

Someone should break the news to Heidi and tell her that whole "we were on a break" thing doesn't work. Just look at Ross and Rachel.

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I guess I'm spamming again, but I just have to comment on the latest episode, it was so good!

Firstly, Lauren and Lo looked so good tonight! I could see Lauren was wearing on of her "designs" on the date though :P

The reaction to Lauren telling the others Stephen was coming to the party was just brilliant, it was so funny how Audrina and Lo's reactions were identical. Lauren goes "Stephen's coming" and then you see a really big smile and hear "Stephen Colletti?!" :lol:

Is it just me or does it sound really fake whenever Lauren tells Stephanie she doesn't want to cause her any trouble? She keeps saying it, but at the same time she keeps putting Stephanie in these situations, and she ALWAYS has a comment afterwards, always very You-know-I'm-right, like in this episode; "It was a great party though...." What the hell is that?! I never thought I'd say this a few months ago, but I feel sorry for "She-Pratt" and I'm almost staring to like her. Spencer is just being an idiot.

The tension between Lauren and Stephen was so obvious on the date when they were talking about how everyone wants them together. It really seems like that's what they want as well, they just don't admit it to themselves and each other.

And it was so cute when Stephen told Lauren "I had precious cargo" about him driving her home in high school :wub:

And Lo's marriage comments are so classic, still very funny and cute!

Like Lauren said it all reminded me of Laguna Beach.

I just love that Lo is back, and I hope she'll be regular for season 4 (Ryan Seacrest interview with Lo and Stephen. ...and our beloved dramaqueen as a caller on the show :huh: ...!). I just love all her bold comments, she definitely had the best quote in this episode, when they were in the kitchen, preparing for the party and Audrina mentioned that Justin was coming. It was so funny when they all went silent and it was really awkward until Lo says "Maybe he'll wear his cowboy hat?" :lol:

Definitely a good episode, I'm getting hooked again!

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So the new season has started in America and there`s a lot of drama a usual.

But here`s what i read on Audrina`s homepage :

We shot at Quixote Studios where I used to work, so I got to see all my old coworkers and friends. It definitely brought back memories!   

Does dis mean she quits her job for another job.

I`m sure it`s coming up in season 4 ;D

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I don't think Audrina has worked there for a long time... She definitely works at Epic records now, and she has for some time. But I think that might have been where she worked during season 1, and possibly season 2.

So far season 4 is pretty boring IMO. There's just nothing new, you know? The whole Lo/Audrina feud has been pretty interesting, but Heidi and Spencer are just annoying and Lauren drives me crazy.

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Audrina worked at Quixote Studios in Season 1, but left to work at Epic before Season 2.

You're right Eli, Season 4 is kind of boring. Spencer is as vile and disgusting as ever, and Heidi continues to be a brainwashed moron, but all this has been going on since the beginning of Season 2, it's so repetitive. I kind of hope Jordan returns and lures Heidi away from Spencer, they brought Stephen and Jason back for Lauren, they should do the same for Heidi.

Lauren seems a bit more mature now, like not obsessing over Doug like she did with Brody, and finishing with him instead of stringing him along, and also trying to get Lo and Audrina to be friends. I'm not sure how I feel about Lo. I really like her, and I LOVED her in Laguna, but I can see how she is mean to Audrina, and that isn't cool. However, Audrina, or Blahdrina as I like to call her, is without a doubt the worst person on the show, even worse than Spencer. She is so boring she sends me to sleep, I can't stand watching her.

For me the best part of Season 4 is Whitney - LOVE HER!!! She's the most successful of the girls and the one with the most class. Her career really reminds me of Andy from The Devil Wears Prada, and Kelly Cutrone and Lisa Love are like Miranda Priestly. I'm way more interested in Whitney's career moves than LC's love-life, Lo's bitching, Speidi's fakeness, or Blahdrina's boring life.

Oh, I almost forgot, I was in L.A. in July and I met Lauren in a nightclub, the cameras weren't there though. She was very drunk, and not very interesting to be honest, shame I didn't meet Whitney instead.

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