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Say You're Sorry! (by Perry) - comments


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That was cool. I actually zoned out from watching Home and Away because I was so caught up in this :D

I love the colour-coding. Makes it all very clear. Well, as clear as two psychatric patients can be...

Can't wait to see what Tara does once she gets out :o

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:o That was great Pezza! Loved it! It's great to read a story where characters like these don't get used. It didn't occur to me that these two were both in love with Kim until the painting scene :lol:

Well done! Can't wait for more! And as Andy said, it felt so much like their characters!

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*Whimpers* :(

I had to take the gun away from his belt. I grabbed it and pulled it out… it was a lot heavier then I thought it would be.

I really liked that bit. It added a lot of realism. I also like that she didn't want to hurt her dad, but she could still find a personal reason to make her do it. That was cool.

This is such a great fic. I don't know why you thought you couldn't write it! :o

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