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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Rocco

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: When Rocco's parents died/abandoned him, he was taken into welfare and adopted out, over the past 13 years in the system he has had 6 different familys since no is willing to deal with his attitude etc.. Will Sally be able to change that?.

Rocco stretched as he awoke to wonderful sounds of Mrs. Atwood shouting at him though the door, sitting up straight, he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and glaze around the gloomily room which had become his home again.

“Get up, Get up!” Mrs. Atwood knock furious at the door, so loudly it probably woke everyone else up in the house as well as the street, Rocco sighed and reached over for a pair of cleanish jeans. Finding a pair he pulled them on and grab a t-shirt from the pile of clothes thrown on the floor.

“Are you listening to me, you delinquent. Get up!” Mrs Atwood repeated, though the knocking had subsided a tad, at least to a point where it wasn’t going to give himn a headache. He flung open the door only to receive a whack to face from an angry Mrs. Atwood dressed in a respectable suit, she almost looked, well nice. Expect for her frown and the wrinkles that cover her face.

“Well that’s what you get for opening the door with out warning” she snapped at him. He glared at her, with holding the mad, or not so mad urge to strangle her slowly and painfully. She looked up and down him in disgusted.

“Your not wearing that are you” she spat at him, he wiped away her spit form his shirt and looked down at his baggy clothes, so there was a small strain on the shirt and the jeans where a bit worn around the knees, but they didn’t seem that bad to him.

“Why not?” he asked her ignoring her over exaggerated rolling of the eyes and extremely loudly sigh, as if she was the hard done by one here.

“This is your first meeting with anyone in a long time that actually might want you” she said in an annoyed tone.

“Thanks Mrs. Atwood” he said sarcastically not brothering to even fake a hurt tone, he himself was surprise to see anyone take a chance on him, no doubt another couple who want to live the Hollywood dream of turning an unruly unwanted kid into successfully adult, which was fine but none of the people Rocco had had seemed to want to do anything to achieve that goal, first hint of trouble and they sent him packing back to home faster than a speeding bullet. Not that he had help himself really, getting involved with the wrong people and stuff. He remembered a councillor had once suggested it was attention seeking, looking for love he’d never known, he was sure it was just cause he had the most fun and found it entertaining.

“Are you paying attention to me” Mrs. Atwood voice broke Rocco out of his thoughts, he shook his head and suppressed a smile as Mrs. Atwood mimic pulling her hair out, glaring at him she head towards the door.

“Fine you can stay looking like a mongrel, now come on we’ll be late” she motioned for him to head out the door. He gave one last look around his room, no doubt when he came back again he’d had a new one and slowly walked towards the door, making a effort to slowly down the more Mrs. Atwood motioned for him to sped up.

Next up- Rocco and Mrs Atwood travel to Summer Bay

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heres the next update :)


Rocco leaned against the window of car watching the passing scenery race pass them. He hummed quietly to himself to relieve the deadly silence of the car, stopping abruptly at Mrs. Atwood death glare. He sighed loudly and stretched his tried joints, it had been ages since their last stop and he was tried, sore and hungry not that he saw any reason to complain since the Mrs. Wouldn’t care but still. He sighed again as he stomach rumbled its disapproval of being ignored so long. Mrs Atwood tapped on the wheel of the car to get attention, turning slightly in his seat to face her he rolled his eyes at her glare.

“Sit up and look alive, we’ll be there soon” she snapped at him, her cold beadily eyes burning into him her words.

“Can’t wait to unload me again miss” he snapped back, turning back to face out the window and glaze longingly at the freedom of life other people took for granted.

“Well I would be, but I know its only a matter of time before you winded up back at my door step” she moaned, reaching to the back seat she grabbed something out of bag, chucking a bag of peanuts at him. “Eat” she ordered, her hard glaze returning to the road in front of them. He juggled the bag in his hands, reading the packing information in great detail. It might be sad but despite his stomach vicious protest he wasn’t giving in to her demands. It was the one thing he had control over and he wasn’t going to lost it to her.

“Oh for the love of…, eat the damn peanuts you idiot” Mrs Atwood practically shouted at him, shaking the whole car. He returned his hungry glaze to world outside the car and smiled victoriously as Mrs. Atwood sighed in frustration. He twisted in his seat in time to see the Welcome to Summer Bay sign. “We’re almost there, so sit up” She snapped at him, he just rolled his head back to glance out his window.

“Now!” she demanded, rolling his eyes he pushed himself up into the chair and sat facing the front window.

“That’s better” she commented, her voice lighter but still carrying a bitter note. He sat up higher in his seat as he got his first glance of golden bay with its terrific waves and sandy beach. Suddenly the van lurched to the left and pulled up a dusty drive pasting some dirty car-vans and stopping just as suddenly in front of a nice house which seemed out of place to Rocco in a Carvan park. A petite woman came out, dress in a grey suit which complimented her long black hair and pale skin. She smiled as they got out the of car and walked over to her, to Rocco the smiled seemed kinda forced and as out of place as the house. “Hello I’m Miss Fletcher, but you can call me Sally” her voice was formal and strong but so different from Mrs Atwood’s harsh words. “I think Miss Fletcher will do for now, come on Rocco, shut you mouth boy” she tapped him on the knee and glared at him, after all he should be very sorry, he was ruining her 100% track record for getting unwanted youths into homes. Mrs Atwood lead the charge into the house, Sally- he meant Miss Fletcher stay back and walked with him.

“So Rocco, is it alright if I call you that’ she asked in a light tone watching his reactions closely, too closely for his liking.

“Its my name” he replied coolly, she nodded and glazed down at the gravel ground.

“Rocco, don’t be so rude” Mrs Atwood snapped, turning around in record time to glare at him, had he been in hitting distance he was sure he would of got one. After all now ruined her good name in public. “Mrs Atwood, its okay I asked a silly question and we’re all on edge” Sally said firmly daring her to challenge her. Mrs Atwood frowned at her before turning back to make headway for the house.

Sally caught his eyes for a second before he pulled away and followed Mrs. Atwood into the house.

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