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Are there any original families left?

Guest emmasi

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I was just thinking about Sally and Alf being originals on H&A, and how there are young Fletcher/Stuarts rising through the ranks to keep those families alive. I can't remember who the original characters were on Neighbours. I'm thinking maybe the Mangals and the Robinsons? If so, that'd be Sky and Paul carrying on, obviously. I wasn't sure though. Does anyone know if there are any original family relatives still running about Ramsay Street? (I know this is random, but I just thought I'd ask.)

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Helen Daniels was the last remaining original Neighbours character until she died in 1997.

The original families on Neighbours were the Ramsay's and the Robinson's. Harold. and Sky could all claim to be related to the Ramsay's (and of course the Robinson's), thanks to Charlene and Scott.

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Well there's Paul and Elle representing the Robinsons, Harold and Sky are the closest link to the Ramsays, through Madge. The Mangels were probably there from the beginning, but we didn't see them until 1986, or in the case of Len Mangel, the early 90s. However, Sky isn't genetically related to either family, so Paul and Elle are the only ones left. There's nothing left of Des or Daphne either.

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Aw, I thought that Sky was Joe Mangel's daughter? Is she not really his or something?

Or do you mean she's not related to the Ramsay's or the Robinsons :huh:?

She's not genetically related to the Robinsons, Ramsays or Mangels. She's Joe's stepdaughter, and Harold's granddaughter, so Madge and Mrs. Mangel are her stepgrandmothers or something.

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The Mangels were not there when the show began, they moved into the street later on. The original families were the Ramsays and the Robinsons, other main characters included Des Clarke and stripper Daphne Lawrence. The show also only really focused on the residents of numbers 24, 26 and 28 Ramsay Street.

The original main characters were:

Max Ramsay

Maria Ramsay

Shane Ramsay

Danny Ramsay

Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson

Julie Robinson

Scott Robinson

Lucy Robinson

Des Clarke

Daphne Lawrence

Paul is the only original character in the show today, but he had a twelve year break between 1992 and 2004.

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