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Are there any original families left?

Guest emmasi

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Aw, I thought that Sky was Joe Mangel's daughter? Is she not really his or something?

Or do you mean she's not related to the Ramsay's or the Robinsons :huh:?

She's not genetically related to the Robinsons, Ramsays or Mangels. She's Joe's stepdaughter, and Harold's granddaughter, so Madge and Mrs. Mangel are her stepgrandmothers or something.

Sky's biological father is Eric Jensen. When Kerry Bishop & Joe Mangel married, Kerry adopted Toby, Joe's son and Joe adopted Sky, Kerry's daughter. Legally, Joe Mangel is Sky's father, just not biologically.

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Yeah, Skye's mother was Kerry wasn't she? Who was Harold's daughter? (David was also her brother wasn't he?).

I don't remeber much of Neighbours back all the way then, in fact Neighbours started before 1988 didn't it, Lol that would mean it started before I was born;)

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