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I Will Never Regret A Second I Spend In Your Arms

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Story Title: I Will Never Regret A Second I Spend In Your Arms

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha, bit of Cam.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: She's leaving everything she ever knew behind. Martha discovers that the new man in her life isn't everything she ever wanted when she discovers that he has a child, Crystal. Jack has always been there for her, after a one night stand will she discover that what she always wanted has been right in front of her all along?

I Will Never Regret A Second I Spend In Your Arms

Cam was standing by his car as he saw Jack exit Martha’s apartment hoping he would approach him, giving him something to take back to Martha, something that would separate her further from him and the others. He saw him getting into the police car and driving away in a hurry.

As he watched the car speed away he made his way towards Martha’s apartment,

“Martha” Cam yelled banging on the door “open the door”

“No” She screeched from the couch

She stared at the door as she saw him barge in “Get out” she said standing up

“Please Martha I want to talk to you, it isn’t that big of a deal” he said

“Ha” Martha said as she folded her arms and looked at him in disgust “Get out, NOW” she yelled as she ran into her room and slammed the door behind her.

Cam sighed as he walked out the door “Great” he muttered under his breath.

Martha walked up the door of the Hunter/Holden house, she didn’t know why but she was nervous for some reason. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door; Jack walked up to the door and opened it to be confronted by in his mind the most beautiful girl in the whole world.

“Hey” she said shyly

“Hey, oh come in” he said stepping to the side so she could enter

“Thanks” she said as she made her way into the house, “Mmmm” something smells nice” she commented.

“Yeah” he said looking at what she was wearing

“What?” she asked

“Oh nothing” he said looking away

“Jack come on I know you, something’s up” she said looking down at her dress then suddenly it all came back to her, “Oh right this was the dress I wore when…” she trailed off

There was an awkward silence between the pair before Jack decided to try and start a conversation

“Anyway, come on the diner will get cold” he said making his way over to the kitchen while Martha took her seat at the table.

“Wine?” he asked

“Sure why not?” she said holding her glass up to him

They looked deep into each others eyes as he poured and for a second they were lost, and it felt right…..

“Oh my God that was the best meal I have ever had but I am stuffed” she said leaning back on her chair.

Jack smiled at her “Desert, its strawberry cheesecake, your favourite” he knew she couldn’t resist Strawberry cheesecake no matter how hard she tried,

“Oh you know I can’t resist that, ok” she agreed with a smile on her face,

“Cool” he said “The cakes in the kitchen why don’t you get it and I’ll put a movie on”

“Ok” she said as she walked into the kitchen and he made his way over to the TV

As she walked into the lounge room Jack lifted up a DVD box,

“Titanic ok?” he asked

“Really you hate titanic” She said as she sat down and put his plate on the coffee table

“Yeah but tonight’s about you and your favourite movie is Titanic so that’s what we’re watching ok?” he said

“Yes Constable” she said

As he came over and the movie began to play.

“Oh my God that is the sweetest movie ever” she said Tears brimming in her eyes “I guess true love never dies”

Jack looked down at Martha who had her head on his lap, he smiled it felt like oddly times, for once in a long time things between them felt right, there was none of hat tension the had been there since there break-up , she had let her guard down, he had missed this just looking down at her as she lay on his lap never wanting the moment to end, there was another few minutes of silence before Martha decided she better be getting home.

“Anyway” she said spinning herself round and pushing herself off the couch, but lost her balance and fell backwards onto the couch to be caught by Jack.

Martha turned her head to look at him they stared into each others eyes for what felt like a lifetime trying to figure out what these feelings were, were they actually falling back in love? , had they ever fallen out was the question that was going through both of there heads, Martha looked into his eyes and saw something that she had never seen in anyone else’s, she saw love, she saw the love that he had for her, the love that would always be there no matter what happened.

Martha lowered her lips to his they lingered in this position for a few seconds trying to gather what was happening before Jack captured her lips in a deep lingering kiss.

Martha kissed him back not to sure herself of what was happening, she knew it shouldn’t be happening, not with Cam in the picture, but right now she didn’t care all she cared about was her and Jack,

All thoughts came to a halt as she lifted her head away from his, as they both looked into each others eyes, Martha slightly nodded as Jack brought his lips back to hers, as he stood up, Martha followed him into his bedroom, not sure of what she was doing but she didn’t really care all she knew is she wanted to be with Jack and no one was going to stop her…..


The next Morning


I am in the middle of writing my next chapter for "This love is like no other" and it should be up withing the next couple of days but I can't promise anything as I have HW to cath up on with school going back next week, but I will try.

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