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I absolutely love this show. Everything about is great the characters ( although I did prefer Kate to siva).

Micheal Wetherly makes me smile sooooooooooooo much and pauly parette. I watched her in Dawsons Creek last week(she plays a therapist) I couldn't stop laughing it was soooooooooooooo funny.

Please discuss if you watch it I can't find many in uk that do watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I started to watch it a few months ago,But more so in the last 2 months on 2 different channels,Five and FX,So its abit of a mix of series i think.

I like it and have just ordered Series 1 on DVD.

I like Tony the best and when he is taking over the role of Gibbs for whatever reason,Very funny..I wasnt really keen on Abby for awhile,I just didnt like the who Goth character in a lab,But that has changed since watching more episodes.

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Once i got into it and started watching it more i could see that she was a forensics specialist rather than just goth.

My friend said he couldnt watch a programme because he couldnt believe the main character could be a marine biologist,He just couldnt believe it.

That was the same with me,I just could see that this young goth girl was this great forensics specialist,But after watching it for awhile i saw past that and now its believable..

I also like the relationship she has with Gibbs and the one she has with Ducky and the relationship between Ducky and Gibbs.

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I agree. Ducky always makes me laugh. He's like a father to Abby. I loved the ep where Abby was made to dress in "normal" clothes because of regulations or something. She looked really stupid.

I have to say though, as much as i love Tony, i prefered Michael Weatherly's character in DA.


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I think i only saw the last part of that episode,Where she was happy she could go back to wearing what she wants to.

But i havent seen that many episodes.

I liked Michael Weatherly's Logan,But Logan and Tony are so different,I wouldnt like a Logan type character in NCIS and i wouldnt like a Tony character in Dark Angel,They fit perfect where they are,Its very different to see the humor Tony has after watching Dark Angel all that time.

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