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Topic Title – Previously Jack and Martha fan fic, (changed to avoid confusion, Skykat.)

Topic Description – Jack, Martha Tash and Robbie andm ore

Type of story: undecided

Rating: G

Main Characters: Jack and Martha, Tash and Rob

Genre: A mixture

Warnings:none i dont think

Is Story being proof read: no

Summary: Its about Jack and Martha, married for a few years got kids and another on the way

Sorry if its short guys !!

“Jack, can you check on the kids please!!” asked Martha ,

“ok babe just a second!” replied Jack,

“thanks babe!!” said Martha,

Jack climbed up the stairs to 4 year old Emily and 6 year old Skye’s room,

“girls are you being good?” asked Jack,

“yeah we are daddy!!” replied the girls,

“Skye where’s you twin sister?” asked Jack,

“she’s in my room daddy” replied Skye,

“ok be good girls, we’ll go to the park after lunch!” said Jack

“yay daddy thanks we’ll be good!” replied the girls in unison,

Jack loved his little girls, he was glad Martha decided to have kids,

“Mac they’re ok, Skye and Emily are in Emily’s room and Soph is in her own room!” said Jack,

“ok thanks babe, I love you!!!” replied Martha,

“I love you to baby!” said Jack putting his arms around his wife’s waist,

“Jack babe I’m trying to make lunch for everyone!” replied Martha laughing,

“I’m aloud to hug my wife aren’t I” said Jack,

“not at this time no!” replied Martha,

“ok I’ll go away then!!” said Jack,

“no no you can stay and help me make the girls lunch!” replied Martha,

“aw man that’s the woman’s job!!” said Jack trying to walk away,

“oi Mr don’t you try and get out of this or you wont be going to the park!” replied Martha grabbing Jacks shirt and pulling him back,

“ok ok I’ll help if I must!” said Jack,

“thank you!!” replied Martha.

Jack and Martha were sitting down watching there kids play on the swings when Tash and Rob walked past,

“hey Tash!!” said Martha,

“hello Mac, hows the kids?” replied Tash ,

“they’re good thanks Tash how’s Ella?” said Martha,

“she’s awesome, she’s nearly ready for school” replied Tash,

“aw that’s nice!!” said Martha,

“yeah she cant wait, anyways me and Robbie better get going!!” replied Tash,

“ok bye guys!!” said Martha,

“see you!!” replied Tash and Robbie in unison.

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Hi sarah_lewis.

In line with the new rules for fanfictions I have made some changes to the first post in your story, see here. I'd appreciate it if you'd take five minutes to make the necessary changes and PM me with any problems/difficulties/questions or post them in this thread. Also for any stories you have on the fic forum please.


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