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I play neopets.

And if i do say so myself i am pretty succesful lol :P

I have a premium account aswell..

I have a Darigan,Plushie,Baby and Grey Gelerts..Maraquan Shoyru,Maraquan Draik,Male Royal Kougra,Female Royal Cybunny,Baby Yurble,Island Xweetok,Faerie Chomby and a lab pet..

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I used to go on there! Me and my friend were also addicted. Competing with avatars.. etc...

I got my account hacked so much! :P

Haven't been on for a while though... actually, ages. lol. I had several accounts... one I remember being "westielova" and "westie1ova" (First one got hacked, then I got it back. lol The nice hacker returned it after a few months. I was very appreciative lol)

Ahh, Neopets. It still makes me chuckle.. :P

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