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New look and revamped theme song

Guest Lilone

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Home renovation

3 January 2007

Daily Telegraph

Home And Away returns this year on January 15 with a new look and a revamped theme song, recorded by Israel Cannan who has often appeared in the soapie as bad boy Wazza.

Cannan, 19, whose first album, Poets Corner, was released last year, also has a guest role in All Saints later this year.

There will also be new opening titles to complement the updated theme song.

*credit to Jess from HAAC*

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I know that sux and I was kinda thinking they would too!!!

I really hope it doesn’t go from Backstreet Boys to emo-crap OC style – hopefully it will be an acoustic version and strings or something, which would be second best IMO – now its just gonna be a guy, please no cringe or American accents.

I hope there’ lots of beach, sunsets, fishermen, surfers, and the cast looking away from the camera... Maybe if they are only going to use it sparingly, it will be a longer sequence?


Just checked out one of his tracks, he sounds good - I like his voice... Its not EMO at least!! Hopefully it will be a kinda slow version.

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Yes, slow would be good since it's been that way forever and I doubt they'd "revamp" it that much. I'm not really seeing punk, for instance, working for me. And I don't think The OC is emo, I think it's rock, but anyway...

I'm sure the guy can sing but the fact that the new theme song is gonna be sung by "Wazza" makes me giggle. Should be interesting.

Mark Furze would have been nice but I guess they don't want to play favourites with the current cast.

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