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New look and revamped theme song

Guest Lilone

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Does anybody know if their keeping the Photo Credits or going for the old looks(Beach and Underwater?). Or something totally different?

Read the article, or even just the topic title! Your answer is right there. Brand new look credits, revamped theme song. Simple.

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Very exciting news! I have to say it will be strange not hearing the Robertson brothers do the tune - they have been doing it since 2000! But I definitely think it's time for a change. Hopefully they have done a really good acoustic version of the theme - I wonder if the missing lines will have made their way back in?!

Under 2 weeks to wait now! :o:D

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it might go back to the long one if they decide to only play it once a week do you think? because remember the current one was designed to play every day but they stoped doing that

i think there might now be 2 versions a long and a short one and they play the long one once a week and the short one on otherdays. im just gessing

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