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  2. Oh good she says it. I wonder if this is going to happen soon. My theory is that she is angry at Angelo because he let slip that Charlie was raped to Morag/Ruby, but i don't know.
  3. ^ thank you so much. Aww can't they just be happy? I want Charlie to say I love you to him because we always see Angelo saying it to her. I wonder what the rest of the sentence is, here's hoping it'll be something good. But then again it doesn't seem too positive. Wishful thinking
  4. I'm guessing he doesn't have much chance to watch the show...actually i've changed my mind can you tell me what he said too pretty please? Maybe once they give off a couple more clues... Lukey said to wait a bit... aww please, just one tiny hint?
  5. Awesome! You got a signed fancard from Todd. I am so jealous! How long did it take him to write back? Also what address did you write to? Thanks.
  6. I am still waiting for one from Jess Tovey. I wrote to her in October I think. I sent one to Kate Ritchie last January and in October.
  7. You can write to the cast of Home and Away at: Cast member's name Home and Away c/o Channel 7 PO Box 777 Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia
  8. I just checked my mailbox and I got a personalised fancard from the lovely Nic Bishop.
  9. I was wondering whether anyone has written to Amy Mizzi (Kit) and gotten a reply from her. Thanks.
  10. I was so happy when I came home from a school camp and my sister told me I had got a letter from someone. I was surprised to open it and see that it was from Isabel Lucas. I had totally forgot about writing to her. I got a typed letter, Q and A sheet and a fancard. I'm still waiting for one from Mark Furze, who I wrote to in March, Jason Smith I wrote to him in August and Amy Matthews who I wrote to in October. I already have some from Paul and Jodi.
  11. Great chapter as always. Ooh the wedding is coming up soon and I can't wait. Please update soon.
  12. Great chapter bay girl! I knew that Harry was good and I just hope that they return Laila back to Jack and Martha safely. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  13. Hey bay girl, I haven't read your fic in ages but I just caught up and the story is just getting better and better. Stupid Megan, I hope she gets caught and gets what she deserves.
  14. Great work bay girl. Can't wait for more.
  15. Wow! Nicole I just don't know what to say. I finally read the last two chapters after coming back from my holidays and being swamped with school work and everything. The last chapter was just so sweet and I absolutely loved it. This story wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for you Nicole. This story wouldn't have been as great if you hadn't made them as descriptive and detailed as you have made them and what I really want to say is that you,Nicole, are a truly amazing writer. You have come such a long way since you first wrote Undercover Cop and you have just made your stories get even better with all those amazingly thought of storylines of yours. I hope that you continue to write and share your stories with others. Love,Natalie.
  16. Happy birthday Indianna! Hopeyouhave/had heaps of fun! She is such an awesome actress and I can't believe she's 2 years older than me! She looks so young.
  17. Wow! Great chapter Nicole. I can't wait until the next chapter. How could you leave it like that? Anyways hope you post the next chapter soon.
  18. I can't believe that this fan fic is coming to an end. I just read the last two chapters and they were great. I can't believe Corey died. Anyways, I hope you update soon.
  19. Hey Nicole. I just read the last 3 chapters and they are so good. Callum is such a sick freak and I hope that Jack and Pete find here before Callum executes his psycho plan. Hope you update soon.
  20. Great chapter Nicole. Please update soon.
  21. Great job bay girl! I'm loving this fic so much. Please update soon.
  22. Great chapters Nicole. I still don't like Martha that much but at least Jack's okay. Please update soon.
  23. great work. I just read it in one go and it was really good. Hope you have fun on your holiday and update soon!
  24. Great chapter Dolly. Wow that was really unexpected but a great twist in the story. So well done.
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