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In The Eyes Of Others

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Story Title: In The Eyes Of Others

Story description: Martha, Tasha, Jack, Robbie, Josh (OC) T.

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Martha, Tasha, Jack, Robbie, Josh (OC)

BTTB rating: T.

Does story include spoilers?: No

Is story being proof read?: Yes, by ~Amy~

Any warnings: Possible SC, Possible VD

Summary: Martha and Tasha are the most popular girls in school, all the girls want to be their friends, and they could have any guy that they wanted. Martha thinks she's found the man of her dreams, but is does he really genuinely like her? Will something happen to upset Martha, and can anyone show her that her true self is more important than anything?

Well I was rather bored tonight, so decided that I was going to start a new fanfic. It's basically about Martha, Robbie, and Tash to start off with, they are all 15 and live in Summer Bay. Its different to other fics, so please tell me if you think its not very good.

In The Eyes Of Others

Chapter 1

Great, school today Martha thought as she woke up that morning. But at least he'll be there.

"Martha are you planning on getting up today?" Alf yelled from the kitchen

"Yes Grandad, I'm already up" Martha yelled back from the bed that she was still in. She looked at her phone. There was one new message. "It's from him" she squealed in delight.

Heya was just wonderin if you're comin into school 2day, gotta get on with that assignment. Josh

"Oh my god, he just text me, he just text me!" Martha kept on saying.

"Martha I thought you said you were up" Alf said walking in the room "I knew you weren't"

"Oh for god's sake I am now" Martha stood up

"That's better, I'll leave you to it" Alf walked out again, just as Martha fell back onto her bed.


30 minutes later and Martha was just about walking out of the door on time, she had just finished her make-up; after all she had to look good for Josh.

"Hey Darl, runnin a bit late aren't ya?" Irene asked

"No, no I'm sure I'll get there on time" Martha rushed out. Martha looked at her phone again. Another message.

Hey Mac, are plannin on getting out of bed 2day? There's a new kid in school 2day, he's pretty cute even tho I know your heart is set on one person! Tb Tash x

"I'll talk to her when I get to school" Martha said to herself. "Not going to waste my credit, she can just be patient"


At the School

"Mac finally you got here" Tash said over the people that went to talk to her.

"Geez, never knew I was so popular" Martha joked, as she tried to talk to Tash. She was popular, probably the most popular girl in their year. Most thought that she was also the prettiest, but not Josh. He was going out with Kelly, Martha's arch rival. She knew that Martha wanted Josh, so she went and took him right from under her nose.

"Yer, well, it doesn't surprise me Mac" Tash laughed along.

"Have you seen Josh today?" Martha asked

"Yer, erm he was with Kelly, but by the looks of it they were having an argument" Tash answered

"Really?" Martha sounded excited "This could be just what I was waiting for"

"I know, this is great, oh my god there is the new kid" Tasha pointed to a guy walking over to them.

"Tash, you call that cute?" Martha asked

"Well ok, maybe not cute, but I guess he might have a good sense of humour" Tash tried to sound optomistic.

"Hello ladies" the guy said

"Hi" Martha replied

"So you're new here, we better show you how to handle some of the idiots around here" Tash added

"Yer, Robbie Hunter, just moved in" Robbie said

"Well, I'm Tash, and this is Martha" Tash pointed to Martha who was looking at her nail.

"Nice to meet you both"

"Yer, nice to see you too, looks like you got history with Mac first" Tash said looking at his timetable. "I'm sure Mac will look after you, but I gotta go to English, see you at break" Tash added before walking off.

"So Martha" Robbie tried to flirt with her

"Don't even try it" Martha replied before walking off.

"Some people" Robbie muttered to himself.


It was now break, and quite clear to people that Josh and Kelly had broken up. They weren't sitting together, all over each other like usual. Martha was so happy, this was what she had wanted, but she decided to let him get over her for a couple of days. Not that there was much to get over, before she made her move. That history lesson they had gotten along great, she had even invited him back to hers to get on with their assignment.

That evening was going to be perfect, maybe Martha wouldn't wait until the weekend. Maybe tonight was the night that she would get her man. She had better start organising it, and for that she would need Tasha's help.

"Tash" she yelled out, but she was too distracted with that Robbie kid. "Tash" she yelled out again. Still no reply. Great she thought to herself, looks like I'll have to plan it all myself.


How will Martha's night go, and who shows up and causes a stir?

Well it was quite random, so please tell me what you think and whether or not I should carry on! Please comment

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This is really good i think. :) It's interesting to see how Martha is at school and that she has tasha to talk to and be friends with. Lol at Robbie trying to flirt with Martha, will he end with Tasha or a new person?

I really enjoyed this first chapter, it created the school vibe quite well :P and i can see Martha reacting that way too so you wrote that well. This is different, and i like different so please carry on! :D

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