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Gilmore Girls

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I watched it when it was on Nick. Only up until season 3 and then they stoped showing it :(

That really sucks! Over here we've seen most of Season 5, but Channel 9 took it off air, so it will probably return with Season 5 and continue straight into Season 6. We get Season 6 DVD on February 7th, next year over here! :D

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I LOVE this show sooo much, ever since I first watched the first eipsode when I was like 14 - it seems like an eternity ago!! But I have the 5 season box sets, I pre-order them so Im sure to have them when they're released. I hated channel 9 for taking it away, we got up to "You Jump I Jump Jack" (I remember cause I missed it and there was cute Rory/Logan stuff :angry: ) and then they just took it away and I had to wait 9 fricken months before I could buy the box set to finish it.

Actually Ive hated channel 9 basically the whole time cause they gave us first and second seasons fine and normal like. Then they randomly gave us the gilmore girls for like 9 episodes then would take it away. All I wanted to see was the Luke/Lorelai kiss and that only happened this time last year on our screens.

Sorry bout my rant - Always LOVED this show, the characters are great and its one of my warm fuzzies I just can't get enough of. Although Im not sure how I'll feel about the 6th and 7th seasons. They have their moments but *sighs* only time will tell.

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