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Gilmore Girls

Guest Amir

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Awwww, if someone doesn't mind... what happened in the last ep? Gosh that's sad.

In NZ we have the new GG playing at 5.30pm on Sundays, but I've been watching the 3.30AM repeats (I know... I have nothing else to do at that hour of the morning) It's right after Nip/Tuck and before good old Party of Five... They just had the dance-a-thon where Dean broke up with Rory because of Jess... Damn, Milo is soooooooo gorgeous!

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I've had a huge Gilmore Girls marathon the last couple of days with a friend and now we're finally done! 6 seasons, 4 days and a lot of candy!!

So many good episodes, and so many good characters. In the 2 first seasons i hated Paris, man was she evil or what?! And Dean is such a cutie, i love him :wub:

And Luke and Lorelai is so perfect, but i actually like Lorelai with Chris too. Is that wrong?

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