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Gilmore Girls

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I loved Rory and Dean at the beginning of the show. They were so cute! :wub: But the writers ruined them when Dean cheated on Lindsay with Rory. The Dean from the first seasons would never have hurt a girl by cheating on her. Lindsay may have been his second choice but he wouldn't have cheated on her. He was one of the good guys. And Rory having sex with a married man? That's not like her at all. <_<

I liked Rory with Jess. I've never been a big fan of Rory and Logan.

I'm glad

Lorelai and Luke got back together at the end. I wanted them to be together from the first episode.

I bought season 7 on DVD two weeks ago. I now own the entire series and I can watch it whenever I want! :wub:

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