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Sunset on Summer Bay

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Story Title: Sunset on Summer Bay

Type of story: undecided

Main Characters: Most of the cast.

BTTB rating:

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings:

Summary: Includes most of the summer bay characters and follows their live in different character point of view

OK well this is my first fanfic and I have used a variety of characters so hopefully everyone will like at least one of them. The title doesnt mean anything, I just couldnt think what to call it so here it is:

"Sunset on Summer Bay"



I halt the car at the legendary "Welcome to Summer Bay" sign. Could I actually hope to continue my old life as if nothing has happened? Could I just simply say "we wanted different things" to all the people I had left behind two months ago? Would they believe me? Well I have let the swelling go down and I fell mentally stable. I put my foot down on the pedal quickly before I can change my mind.


It is a beautiful evening, rays of late night sun seep through the windows into my home as I wash up dinner. As Alf is out fishing, Ric is with Matilda at the cinema in Yabbie Creak and Pippa is fast asleep I might finally settle down to the growing pile of marking that needs doing but before I can do so, a soft tap comes at the door.


I'm in my own little world thinking about how much rather I would like to be at home rather than watching this film. I mean come on, what type of person picks "Revenge of the Evil Squirrels II" for a date? Ric leans over to kiss me but as he does a splatter of red blood come across onto the scream. I pull away.

"What's wrong?" He asks

I look at him to see whether he's serious. He is.

"You chose an action film for our date!"

He has a momentarily look of confusion and bewilderment as if to say, "Who couldn't like this?", but then it passed and transformed into a look that any girl should be wary of.

"I am going to plan the biggest surprise for you this weekend!"


Why, oh why did I just say that? I don't have any money or any time to plan a surprise. Why didn't I just beg for her forgiveness like any other guy? But at least she looks happy as she grabs my hand and pulled me out of the cinema onto the sandy shores to finally give me my kiss that I had been longing for all night.


Life is so lonely without Belle at my side. She may have said that things weren't working out how she expected but I know it's because of Drew. They have chemistry, a bond, they are the two rebels in this town, how could I even hope to have anything like they did? I look out of the window and my eyes fall upon Belle gazing out across the sunset.


I snap out of my gaze to find someone else in their own gaze towards me. He suddenly realises I'm looking straight at him and turns around quickly. I didn't mean to hurt him, but I still feel something for Drew and I can't ignore it. I haven't acted upon it yet because I want to save Luc the humiliation.

"Taylor." Drew's voice hits my heart like a ton of bricks.


"Hi Drew" Belle looks slightly blushed and awkward.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she answers a little bit too quickly for my liking. Should I do it, should I ask her?

"Umm Taylor would you like to out some time?"


I walk in at about 7:00 to a lovely smell and bustling noises


"Jack we're in here, I thought the four of us could have a nice dinner together, does it sound alright?"

"Because you have been working really hard recently and we thought you might want something relaxing to come home to", Rachel added.

"Here's a beer mate", Kim said whilst chucking the cold can towards me.

"Thanks guys, this is great!"


I walk over to Jack to give him a kiss before we settle down to eat. He looks happy and a bit overwhelmed. I wanted to do nice things for him and spend quality time with him since that was how our marriage fell apart the first time, it was meant to be just be Jack and I but I couldn't exactly kick Kim and Rachel out on the streets, anyway we haven't spent much time together with them for a while so it is good to catch up.


They look happy, like they did before they got married. Kim and I share a look of envy at the two young lovers, with them anything is possible. We may look happy on the outside but how do you get over losing a baby, and not only that but face the fact that you can never create one of your own? I give Kim a quick reassuring smile.


I see it in her eyes every time she looks at me, she wishes from me the one thing I can't give. She may not realise but I know that a small part of her resents me for being with her, for not being able to give her a little baby, a baby she so desperately desires.


Please comment, good or bad, just comment please :)

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J&M....leave town!

KIt comes back! She comes back in all my fics...LOL :P

Ummm....KIt coming back would affect K&R, duh....

Belle and Drew stay together, but Luc tries mto break them up?

No, Luc gets back with Lee!


Sorry, I couldn't help mysdelf when you asked for ideas!

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Yeah I will keep Drew and Belle together and might put Luc with Cassie coz their both single, but that might not work very well. I dont think I could stand writting Lee can you imagine the thoughts that go through her head!! :D

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