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You're My Past, But Who Is My Future?

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Story Title: You're My Past, But Who Is My Future

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Belle, Lucas, Mattie and Ric

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance/Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC

Summary: There has always been a dating history between them all but how can they really be sure if the decisions they made in the past were the right decisions for their futures.

You're My Past, But Who Is My Future

Chapter 1- Degrees of love

Matilda's P O V

I never thought I would say this but im really enjoying hanging out with Belle, she is really great fun and so daring. I mean without her would I really be stood in the sea naked right now its all harmless fun though.

I sense someone behind me and turn to see Ric my boyfriend stood behind me. Suddenly I feel insecure, im naked and somehow I have to get out of the water without him seeing me. I hadnt thougth of that when I got in. Mine and Ric's relationship isnt at that level yet and I think I know why but I cant say anything to anyone.

Belle's P O V

I cant believe I actually got Lucas to strip, he is usually so strange about this sort of thing, I guess I must be influencing him. With a bit of luck this means he is ready for more in our relationship.

I wade over to him and he blushes as I check out his body. I have to admit for a kind of geeky guy he really is hot. I put my arms around him and we kiss slowly, I make the kiss more passionate and after a few second he pulls away.

"What wrong" Iask as he looks really uncomfortable.

"Well this is bizarre for a start we are naked, Ric and Matilda are only over there and im getting turned on" he says the last part really quickly as if he doesnt really want to admit it.

"Well ok, lets get dressed and go back to your house and if something happens between us it happens" I say hoping that it will. After dating Drew who was pretty much sex mad it been quite difficult waiting for Lucas to be ready.

Ric's P O V

I turn my back as Matilda gets out of the water and gets dressed.

"Ok" I hear her shout, as I turn to start walking back in I see Lucas and Belle dressed and Kissing each other as they walk off down the beach, to me it looks like Lucas is going to get lucky.

I walk up to Matilda and get dressed, she doesnt even look at me when im naked in front of her. Now to me that isnt normal. I mean I know she isnt experienced like me, but surely she should be curious. Oh well I love her so I guess I can wait. She is definately the one for me so I know it will be worth it.

We start walking up the beach and she cuddles into me I kiss thetop of her head but cant help looking back at Belle and Lucas. Maybe one day Matilda and I can show that much passion.

Lucas's P O V

Well I guess this is it. Im not as nervous as I thought I would be, which is odd. Her hands are running all over me as we walk towards my house. It feels good I have to admit but not how I thought it should feel.

I kiss her again as we get to my front door, without saying anything we end up in my bedroom. "Are you sure Luc" she asks and the look in her eyes shows nothing but love.

I nod, knowing full well that the look of love isnt in mine and I think thats the problem. I always thought I would be in love when I lost my virginity.

Let me know what you think guys, this was just a short first chapter but I have written 6 so far. :)

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Yay! :D Another tasha fic! :)

I love it already, Ric seems so desperate just for mattie to even look at him naked let alone do anything :P.

I wonder what Lucas does, he needs to know what it feels like lol but it would be better for him to do it when he is in love.

Can't wait for more, great start.

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Chapter 2 - Doubts and Declarations.

Ric's P O V

I watch as she sleeps next to me, her favourite film still playing in the background. She looks so peaceful I dont want to wake her but I guess I should. Beth will go mad if she stays here. As much as I want her to stay here with me I have to wake her.

"Matilda baby, wake up" I say stoking her face lightly. She stirs slightly so I lean down and kiss her cheek gently. I cant describe how much I feel for her, its nothing like my relationships with Cassie or Belle. I thought I had loved them but I cant of done because it didnt feel like this.

"Come on darling, we have to get you home" i say as she opens her eyes. I need to tell her how I feel its time, I cant hold it in any longer.

Lucas's P O V

Belle's asleep in my arms but I cant sleep, there are to many thoughts in my head. I should be thrilled about what happened, I mean I have just slept with someone for the first time, thats a big deal and afterwards Belle told me she loved me and thats big too. I heard myself saying it back but did I mean it? I dont think I did. I want to love her she is fantastic, I enjoy spending time with her and I enjoyed sleeping with her but is that enough.

I have never had to deal with something like this before. When Matilda and I were together it was easy, I loved her and she loved me, but our relationship was more childlike we didnt have other issues like sex getting in the way, we werent ready it was that simple. I wonder if she is going through the same thing with Ric, maybe I should talk to her.

Matilda's P O V

We get to my front door and he seems really nervous about something in fact he has all the way home.

"Ric whats going on, its obvious you want to say something" I say. God I hope I didnt say anything in my sleep, especially with that dream I had, it was really vivid it just wasnt about Ric. It cant mean anything though.

"yea I need to tell you something and believe me im not saying this because im trying to pressure you or anything, its only because I want you to know. Im crazy about you, ive never had these intense feelings before. I love you Matilda more than I ever thought possible and I just needed you to hear it." he says reeling it off as if he has been practising it.

I feel myself gasp, his words are beautiful and I have always longed for someone to say something like that to me. I put my arms around him and kiss him with all the love I can muster.

Belle's P O V

Waking up in Lucas's arms is such a great feeling. Im glad we have gone further with our relationship, I like having a guy like Lucas in my life, he will never lie or cheat and I know he wont hurt me. Sitting up I look at him, he looks gorgeous and I really wish I didnt have to leave the house but Irene will go nuts if I dont go home.

"Goodnight Luc" I say kissing him lightly so I dont wake him up. I get dressed and leave the room. Opening the front door I disturb Matilda and Ric in the middle of a make out session. Matilda gives me an odd look, but im too happy to care.

"I guess love is in the air" I say winking at them as I walk off.

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