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Those She Left Behind!

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Topic Title – Those she left behind

Topic Description – Martha and Jack have their perfect little family until a shock happens how will they all cope

Type of story: Long fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Martha,Jack, Abbyand Amie others come into it

Genre: Drama

Warnings: Sexual content

Is Story being proof read: sometimes

Summary: Martha and Jack and their two daughters are living there life happily until something happens to one of them how will they all cope!

Hey all so, me and Emma (jackandmartha4eva) decided to write a new fic and here it is:

Chapter one

Amie’s P.O.V

It was five years ago, five years ago today that the terrible thing happened. It all began 8 years ago, we were happy before that. But the event that happened on that day turned our lives from heaven to hell…

8 Years Ago

“Amie, come on, we’re going to the beach” Martha yelled upstairs to the five year old.

“Ok, I’m coming mummy” Amie yelled down the stairs

“Abigail, you can’t play with Amie’s dolls again, she won’t be happy” Martha talked to the three year old.

“But…” Abby started before her bottom lip began to quiver.

“Come on baby, you know Amie won’t be very happy if you do something to them” She tried to comfort her before picking her up. Abby clung to her mother, she was always there for her. Martha looked up to see a giggling Amie in Jack’s arms. He was tickling her as per usual. They looked so happy, however that was soon about to change.

“Are you ready to go?” Jack asked Martha

“Sure” Martha replied starting to walk out of the door, Jack following close behind with

Amie and her bucket and spade. Today was going to be perfect.

“Mummy, I don’t feel very well” Abby complained on the way down to the beach.

“Why not baby? Where does it hurt?” Martha asked

“All over” Abby replied

“Aww, I’m sure it will feel better soon” Martha said holding her tightly. Abby nestled her head in the curve of Martha’s neck, she felt safest there.

Jack had taken the girls for a swim in the water. Amie was into swimming at the moment, and whatever Amie did Abby had to do as well. Martha knew that soon Abby would come running out because it was too cold for her.

Sure enough 5 minutes later Abby came running out of the water. Martha had brought some food down with her for the girls, by this time Abby was usually hungry.

“Sweetie, do you want some food?” Martha asked

“No thanks, mummy, I’m not very hungry” Abby told her, she was shivering.

“Come here” Martha pulled her onto her lap. It was at this point that she noticed a big bruise on her leg, and that she looked quite pale. “Where did this bruise come from?” Martha asked very concerned.

“I don’t know mummy” Abby replied

“Did you fall over or something?”

“No” Abby stated

“Does it hurt?” Martha asked again

“A bit, but I’ll be fine” Abby told her. Martha knew that something wasn’t right. Abby hadn’t been herself for a couple of days. She had decided that after Jack and Amie had come back they would go to the hospital and get her checked out.

“Martha” Jack said, but Martha didn’t move

“Mummy” Amie yelled. That caught Martha’s attention.

“Welcome back to planet earth” Jack commented before sitting down beside her.

“Sorry, what?” She asked, confused.

“It doesn’t matter now?” Jack replied “Are you alright?” He asked

“Yes, I’m fine” she said quietly to herself.

“Martha” Jack stated

“Yes, yes I’m fine, can I just have a word” Martha said louder that time

“Sure” Jack replied before standing up. Martha put Abby who was still in her lap down on the towels, before taking Jack a couple of metres away.

“Jack, there’s something wrong with Abby, I’m not sure what it is, but I just know that it’s big” Martha told him.

“Well, we better take her down to the hospital then” Jack said

“Yer, that’s what I was thinking, when do you think we can go?” Martha asked

“Well, we can go now if you want” Jack replied

“Yes, that would be great” Martha smiled before heading back over to where the girls sat.

“Come on girls, we’re going now” Jack said

“But why daddy, you said you were going to build a sandcastle with me” Amie complained.

“Because, Abby isn’t very well, so we have to make sure that she is alright” Jack explained. He knew that she wouldn’t understand, so he just told her vaguely where they were going.

“What’s the matter with her?” Amie asked

“We don’t know, that’s what we have to find out” Jack explained

“Ok” Amie said before clinging on to Jack hinting that she wanted to be carried. Jack being the doting father that he was, picked her up and carried her to go and get her bucket and spade.

At the doctors, the whole family where waiting patiently. They were next to see Dr. Clifford, so their wait wouldn’t be too much longer. Amie was getting restless.

“Martha do you want to come through now” Dr Clifford said.

“Sure” Martha replied picking Abby up and following the man.

“So what seems to be the problem?” Dr Clifford asked

“Well, Abby hasn’t been herself for the last couple of days, she’s pale, she has a big bruise on her thigh, and she won’t eat.” Martha answered

“Ok, well we’ll run some tests and try and find out what’s wrong with you sweetie” Rachel said crouching down to the little girl. Abby didn’t say anything, she felt tired, and drowsy, she couldn’t do anything.

“Abby go and sit up there” Dr Clifford told her. Abby tried to move, but she felt so weak. Martha then went and picked her up and placed her on the bed. Whilst all of this was happening Dr Clifford was on the phone. He sounded rather worried down the phone, as if it was some sort of an emergency.

Once he was off the phone, Martha asked “What’s the matter?”

“Martha, Abby needs to get to hospital, she needs to get there as quick as possible, so an ambulance is coming right away, Rachel will meet you there, and explain everything once you get there” he explained

“Please just tell me what’s wrong” Martha was becoming increasingly worried

“Look, I can’t say anything for sure, but we think Abby has cancer” Dr Clifford told her. Martha didn’t say a thing. She couldn’t believe that her little baby had cancer. Why her? Why did it have to happen to her whole family? Things were going so well.

“Martha you really need to get out and wait for the ambulance” he broke the silence. All Martha could do was nod her head, pick Abby up and walk out of his office, into the waiting area. How could she tell Jack that their little girl was ill?

“Martha, what’s the matter with her?” Jack asked as soon as she came out.

“She’s going to the hospital, there’s an ambulance coming right now” Martha carried on walking. She just spoke in one tone, there was no emotion.

“Martha, what’s wrong with her?” Jack asked again

“Jack, she has cancer” Martha stopped to tell him. She could see the pain in his eyes, all she could do was embrace him, with their girls, and try and convince, all of them that everything was going to be alright.

At the hospital Rachel was running some tests on Abby. Once again Jack was waiting outside with Amie. All Amie knew was that her sister was ill and that her parent’s were upset. To her it seemed so overwhelming to not have her parents happy, and upbeat. It was such a change.

Ten minutes later Martha walked out with Abby in her arms. “Jack” she called out, hinting for him to come over.

“What did they say?” He asked

“She has Leukemia, they’re going to keep her in overnight, and then tomorrow they’re going to discuss what’s going to happen with treatment” Martha explained. Jack took Abby from Martha’s arms. For all he knew, this could have been one of the last times that he held hid little girl in such a comforting way. For all he knew, it could be the last time he held her at all.

“Jack” Rachel interrupted the embrace, the whole family were now in. “We need to get Abby sorted about tonight” She added

“Ok, I was just about to go home and get her some pajamas and her stuff.” He told her.

“Alright then, do you think you’ll be back in half an hour?” Rachel asked

“Yer, of course” Jack replied before handing Abby back to Martha. He had called his dad earlier and Amie was going to stay with him and Beth tonight. He was soon on his way to getting Abby’s things.

When Jack arrived back at the hospital, he was taken into a private room that Abby was in. She was already asleep, warn out by the days tiring events. Jack went over and sat down next to Martha. She started sobbing into his shirt.

“Why did this have to happen?” She cried

“I don’t know Martha, I really don’t know” He answered. He just held her into his chest, trying to calm her down. He had to be strong, for everyone. Martha’s sobs had managed to wake Abby up, unaware to her parents. She had managed to find the strength to climb out of bed and walk over to her parents.

“Baby, what are you doing out of bed?” Jack asked pulling her onto his lap.

“Mummy, crying” She managed to get out before her eyelids start to shut again.

“Go to sleep sweetie, you’re safe here” Martha told her, stroking her cheek. She was right, with her parents holding her, she felt safe, she felt like everything was going to be alright.

“Look at her Jack” Martha said once she was sure Abby was asleep.

“I know” Jack stared at his daughter.

“She’s so young, she shouldn’t be going through this” Martha started crying again.

“Come here” Jack hugged her with one arm, the other supporting Abby’s head. For the next half an hour they stayed like that, before Abby woke up, and went into her own bed. Martha tucked her in, she was going to be strong; she had to be, for Abby’s sake.

Preview: How will Amie and the rest of the bay react to the news!!!!??????


Hope you all enjoyed it

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