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Advice on boys

Guest ~Angel~

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Nicole's always right. :)

I'm surprised you can still think up repies to posts...surely the weight of your head on your shoulders must make it hard to concentrate? :P Only kidding Nicole!

Angel a just go for it. I know it's a big step but if you never make the step you'll never know.

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I just texted him and got a reply. Here's the reply: Not in the mood, Don't you dare try to hurt me in some way!. I am so going to his house after school tomorrow *rolls up sleeves*

What he means by hurt is probably pull him to the disco or step on his toe but I'm not going to do it. I'm going to dress up really nice then go ask him nicely, if that doesn't do it, I'll have to beg him until he agrees to go and if THAT doesn't work, I'll try making him jealous around other boys until he decides to go.

(the last one will probably work :P )

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