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Always Comes Back To You…

Guest Danifan

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Topic Title –Always Comes Back To You...

Topic Description – Will Smith and Dani Sutherland reunited at last (also features other Smiths/Sutherlands)

Type of story: undecided

Rating: Adult Content and Themes

Main Characters: Will and Dani

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Angst/ A mixture

Warnings: Violence etc.

Is Story being proof read: Yes

Summary: Briefly summarise your story (5 lines max).Will Smith returns to Summer Bay to win back his lost love and soul mate Dani Sutherland

Ok, i'm not a great writer and it probably won't be as updated as some stories on here but i thought i'd write one on my favourite ever Home and Away couple Will Smith and Dani Sutherland. (please be nice)

P.S. Gypsy Nash lovers probably shouldn't read. :lol:

Chapter 1

It had been two months since my relationship with Josh fell apart, and to be honest the only person who hadn’t noticed we had troubles had been him. The chemistry had gone and the man I thought I could love had disappeared along with it. I knew I had to end it there and then or just keep going around in circles. I thought I’d never be happy again after being let down by two men at the tender age of 18, until recently…

The day started of as usual, Mum made breakfast, dad was out bright and early to check on Colleen’s non-existent problems with her mobile home, Kirsty and Jade were fighting over the bathroom and Max was late for school-again.

‘Morning sweetheart’ Mum said as I entered still half asleep, ‘want some breakfast?’

‘Not really hungry’ I said.

‘You have to eat; you can’t go all day at college with nothing’.

I gave a weak smile and nodded-it was far too early to be given a lecture by a trained counsellor.

‘That woman is going to be the death of me’ dad ranted as he came through the front door covered in dirt and sewage.

I couldn’t help but smirk; he did look a right state. ‘What happened to you?’

‘That woman just nearly killed me. I swear she is mad. I was doing her guttering and she slams her front door right into the ladders sending me flying’.

Me and Mum look at each other trying desperately not to laugh but then just giving up and letting it all out.

‘I’m glad you find it funny’ dad says storming off upstairs to find a change of clothes and probably something to knock Colleen out with.

As I left the caravan park, I bumped into Hayley and Noah. I knew then something was going on by the way Hayley seemed distracted. As much as I pushed, Hayley, nor Noah for that matter, really bothered telling me what was going on so in the end I gave up trying to find out. If they wanted me to know they’d tell me. What I didn’t know then I soon found out that night.

After what seemed like forever waiting for the clock to strike three and my lecture to finally come to an end, I raced home to jump in the shower before tweedle dee, tweedle dum and cousin It came home from school.

Throughout dinner, Jade chatted away about something or other the way she does but I couldn’t help being distracted wondering why Noah and Hayley were acting so strangely earlier on.

I soon got my answer. While tidying up after dinner there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened the door…

‘Hi Dani…’

And there he was. Standing in our door way. Someone I never thought I’d be seeing again. My first love, Will Smith.

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Chapter 2

‘What did he want?’

‘What did he say?’

‘Where’s Gypsy?’

Kirsty and Jade fired so many questions at me that I felt like strangling them both just to shut them up.

‘I’m not sure yet’, I mumbled deep in thought asking myself the same questions, just a little less enthusiastically than the twins had done.

The truth was he’d barely said anything about why he was back in Summer Bay. Instead all he did was ask questions about how my life was going. With the problems Angie caused the family, my relationship with Josh and my sister thinking the man who raped me is her Prince Charming I don’t suppose he had a chance to talk about himself. Although he broke my heart when he went back to Gypsy I couldn’t help but be pleased that he seemed happy and by that time I had got over all the pain it had caused me by getting together with Josh. Maybe I was on the rebound, who knows.

I decided to clear my mind by taking a walk along the beach. It was a lovely day but the beach seemed quite empty and quiet. I noticed, coming in the opposite direction, was Will and Hayley. They came right on over.

‘Hey’ I said with a little smile

‘Hi’ Will said giving me a cute smile back.

Hayley noticed the looks between us. She said, ‘I’ve got to go and meet Noah in the diner, maybe you can get to the bottom of this sudden visit as he won’t tell any of us’,

‘Hayley’ Will snapped, as she skipped off back up the beach leaving me and Will.

‘So.. .’ I said, ‘How are things?’

‘Yeah, they’re alright’ Will said very unconvincingly.

‘How are Gypsy and Lily?’

The question obviously made him feel uncomfortable, I knew then that something had happened between him and Gypsy and it wasn’t good.

Chapter 3

We made our way back to Irene’s and I knew the subject of Gypsy was playing on his mind. Something was troubling him and despite our history together I wanted to help him and his marriage if I could.

‘So are you going to tell me what’s going on or am I going to have to guess’, I said quite light hearted.

He took a deep breath as we sat down at the table. I knew it was something serious.

‘Me and Gypsy….we’re over’, he said

‘Why, what’s happened?’ I said a little taken aback by his bombshell

‘It doesn’t matter’ he said with a sadness in his eyes ‘I’ve come back to the bay to start again’.

‘But what about Lily’ I asked still confused.

I could see that I’d hit a nerve by the hurt in his face.

‘She’s your daughter, she needs you, and I’m sure you and Gypsy, in time can sort things out’, I said, while mentally thinking I was becoming more like a counsellor every day, mum would be proud.

‘We can’t…’ Will said ‘not after what she has done to me’.

He was really beginning to worry me now. ‘Will, surely it can’t be that bad, just go home and talk to her you’ll never solve anything if your not even in the same town’.

Will looked at me intensely.

‘I don’t love her, I don’t think I ever really did’ he said. I was a little shocked, confused and in a selfish kind of way insulted that he broke my heart to get back with her and they didn’t even have the decency to last.

‘What do you mean, of course you did’

‘No I didn’t. I wanted to love her for Lily’s sake but it wasn’t the same as…’

‘The first time you were together…?’ I said trying to finish his sentence.

‘No. It wasn’t the same as being with you’. He said as he touched my hand.

I couldn’t help but fall for him a little, but I snapped myself out of it, I was no one’s booby prize.

‘Will, you don’t mean that’ I said not sure which one of us I was hoping to convince.

‘I do Dani. I’ve never loved Gypsy as much as I loved you, and I know now that marrying her and leaving you was the biggest mistake of my life’ he said obviously being quite genuine.

‘So what, you turn up here, tell me you love me and have dumped your wife, who I didn’t even like before you got her pregnant behind my back, and daughter and I’m supposed to fall into your arms and be grateful’, I couldn’t help but get worked up. When I gave up our relationship, so he could be a father and get back with Gypsy, was one of the hardest things I ever had to do and there were times I’d wish I hadn’t done it but I knew it was for the best. Now I felt guilty, like I was stealing someone else’s man, like I was some sort of Gypsy Nash.

‘Go home Will to your wife and daughter…’ I said storming off and getting as far as the door…

‘I don’t have a daughter… Lily’s not mine…’ Will said deadly serious, stopping me in my tracks.

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Quite a long chapter this time.

Chapter 4

I couldn’t sleep all night. My thoughts kept on going around in circles. I felt so sorry for Will and felt utter hatred and disgust for Gypsy. I always thought she was a complete skank, and now the proof was there for all to see. In my mind Gypsy was no better than Angie Russell. In fact I wouldn’t at that moment have been surprised if they had been related or something.

I woke up bright and early (something quite new to me) and found I had four missed texts from Will asking to meet on the beach that morning. I felt guilty for missing them, he obviously needed a friend right now and without thinking I grabbed the first things I could find that matched (after all fashion sense doesn’t go out of the window because there’s drama), and headed quietly downstairs and out to the beach.

‘Off to see your boyfriend’ I heard shouted at me from the caravan park. It was Josh of all people.

‘Will isn’t my boyfriend, and neither for that matter are you anymore’, I said, I wasn’t in the mood to be pleasant to him.

‘Ouch.’ He said sarcastically. ‘You’ll never be able to trust him again you know that don’t you?’

‘Go and boil your head or something, I’m not in the mood’ I snapped back. I stormed off at that point towards the beach. Josh’s words had had some effect.

At the beach I saw Will. He was a solitary figure on an almost deserted beach. I remember thinking to myself that I’d never been up this early to see the beach so empty. I walked over and quietly sat myself down next to him.

‘Thanks for coming, I wasn’t sure you would after what I said about.. you know how I felt..’ he said

His big puppy dog eyes had always been my weakness.

‘Forget it’ I said. ‘Have you told anyone else about you and Gypsy and ...Lily....?’

‘No, not yet. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I was hoping you’d be there when I told Irene and the others’

I was moved a little. He was still the same sensitive guy I had fallen in love when I was sixteen.

‘Of course I will’ I said with a little smile as I leant over and held his hand for comfort more than anything. He looked deep into my eyes and let himself smile, the first one I’d seen from him all morning.

As we walked back to Irene’s it was like going back in time. We were linking arms and silently enjoying each other’s company without having to say a word. I kept catching Will looking at me shyly and it reminded me how much I’d missed being this comfortable around a guy. Since being raped, I’d never quite enjoyed being in any guys company as much as I liked being in Wills, not even my own dad or even a good friend like Noah.

We entered Irene’s to find her, Hayley, Noah, Nick and Jade on the living room and clearing up after breakfast.

‘Hello you two, nice walk’, Irene said as we entered still with our arms linked. I noticed the looks between Hayley and Noah as if they knew there was still something more than friendship between us.

‘Yeah’ Will said, ‘it was great’ he said then gave me a cute little smile to which I couldn’t help but smile too.

‘Is everything ok love’, Irene asked

‘Not really’ Will said ‘Maybe we should sit down for this...’

‘Why are you dying or something?’ Nick laughed but was greeted a little smack in his stomach by Jade.

‘Don’t joke about something like that’ Jade said

‘Alright, but it is a bit serious isn’t it?’ Nick said

‘This is serious’ Will said

The whole room went silent as Will explained uninterrupted everything about him, Gypsy, their split and painfully of all Lily.

When he’d finished no one said anything for a few minutes, still reeling from the bombshell just dropped on them.

‘Who is Lily’s father then’ Hayley said eventually with more than a touch of anger in her voice.

‘I don’t know, Gypsy didn’t say and I didn’t ask’ Will said ‘I just had to get away from her’.

‘I’m sorry mate’ Noah said

‘How could she do this to you, to us?’ Hayley said obviously worked up.

‘Because she’s a psycho’ Nick chipped in.

‘No she’s not. She’s evil and sick and if I ever see her lying little face again I will knock her into the middle of next week’ Irene said

‘She can’t be allowed to just get away with it, she should pay for this the evil bitch’ Nick said

‘It’s over Nick, I’ve come back to get on with my life and forget she ever existed’ Will said giving a warning to his little brother to not try anything stupid.

Jade and I stuck around for dinner at Irene’s. It was like the year we had been apart hadn’t happened. Will and eye couldn’t take our eyes of each other but I was too scared of ruining any friendship we had to actually act on any feelings I had. At that moment we were friends enjoying being around each other, if anything was going to happen between us Will would have to make the first move and prove his feelings once and for all.

All was well until around 9.30 when Irene chose to check her messages. There was only the one.

‘Will, it’s me, you can’t avoid me forever, we need to talk about this. I’m coming to see you tomorrow. I know we can sort this out. Bye’. There it was. The lovely relaxed evening went sour. My heart sank. Reality hit me full on in the face.

‘I have to go’ I got flustered and got up from the table

‘Dani, don’t’ Will said holding my arm. ‘Stay’.

‘I can’t, I’m sorry. Thanks for dinner Irene. Bye’

‘I’ll come too’ Jade said quickly kissing Nick goodbye and chasing after me.

I could see Will really had wanted me to stay but I had to get away from the situation. The fantasy was over. Gypsy Nash was back to ruin things between me and Will again…

Coming up




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Chapter 5

I avoided the subject of Will and Gypsy for most of the day. Mom, ever the counsellor, pushed for me to open up but I just couldn’t. Speaking about it wouldn’t change anything. She was coming back and Will was going to go back to her tail between his legs. I knew it.

Mom’s constant sympathetic looks and reverse psychology was driving me mad. I just had to get out of the house before I exploded. It reminded me of the time I was raped. Everyone wanted me to open up to them, especially Mom but it was just too hard. I wasn’t sure how I felt, so how was anyone else supposed to relate to it.

“I’m going out Mom”, I said practically running out of the door.

“Where are you going” Mom said with the obvious concern that only a mother can show.

“I don’t know but sitting around here isn’t doing much good. I’ll see you later”. I walked down to the diner and sat outside day dreaming of what it would be like to see Gypsy again. It left me cold. It was like Kane Philips coming back all over again just to rub salt into the wounds they had already inflicted on me. I mean what was it with me that attracted such unhinged people?

“You alright Darl” I heard as Irene wondered over and sat down next to me.

“Yeah, fine” I said knowing full well it was a complete lie.

“ Haven’t seen you much today. Will’s been in looking for you” She said.

“Has he…?” I was a little pleased and uncomfortable knowing I’d have to see him sometime.

“Oh yes, more than a couple of times today. Look love, I know this situation is complicated to say the least, but you and Will have something everyone can see that, don’t let her ruin that”, Irene’s words made me think.

“I just can’t Irene. I’m sorry. Will hurt me too much and with her coming back sometime today I’m not sure I want to be back in the same position I was in two years ago” I said with a lot of conviction.

“Well love, that’s a shame because right now I think he’d do anything to go back two years and make the right choices”

“Irene, we can’t go back to how things were” I said

“ I know but maybe a fresh start, that could always happen” Irene said touching my hand and getting up and returning to her day job of running the diner rather than her hobby of counselling.

Maybe she was right. Maybe I should put my heart on the line; I mean it doesn’t have to turn out like it did last time. I got up as quick as I could and ran all the way to the beach house. The back door, as always was open. I knocked just to let him know I was there. He and Nick were watching some sort of horror movie. Will jumped up when he saw me in the door way. It was sweet.

“Hey, come in” he said I was pleased at how happy he was to see me. “Nick go away” he said quite sternly to his brother

“Excuse me but I live here and if you two are going to get it on then you do have a bedroom” Nick replied in his own sarcastic manner.

“And if you ever want to ‘get it on’ with Jade ever again you’ll get lost” Will said obviously annoyed with him.

Nick soon moved and reluctantly left the house. Will gestured for me to sit down on the couch. I wasn’t sure what to say as I wasn’t really sure why I was there.

“I’m glad you came back” he said sitting beside me “I didn’t think you would after... You know...”

“Well a modern day girl like me is allowed to change her mind” I said with a little grin.

“I’m glad you did” he said moving closer and holding both my hands.

“Me too”

“Dani, I meant what I said. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you”, he said quite seriously with such and innocence in his eyes.

“What about Gypsy?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“She doesn’t even come close. Dan, I made a mistake two years ago and I’ve been miserable ever since. You’re the one I should be with. You’re the one I want to be with”.

I felt teary and over whelmed. For the first six months after he left the Bay and even times when I was with Josh I day dreamed of a moment just like this. It felt perfect. It felt so right, so natural.

“Well” he said “What do you think. Do you fell the same way about me or am I just fooling myself that you could ever forgive me after all this time?”

I took a deep breath. It was a big moment in my life. “I do ... still love you Will… but…”

“We can make things eight again I know we can. I can make you as happy as you make me”

I knew then he meant every word. I gave a little smile then cupped his face in my hands and slowly moved in and kissed his lips. A huge grin crept across his face before his eyes had even opened again. He leant in and this time he instigated the kiss. It was longer, more passionate this time. It was confirmed. We were back together and we were in love.

“Oh, I see you found her then” Irene said as she came through the door. Will and I broke apart and shared a little giggle.

“Does this mean you two are, you know back together” Hayley said obviously excited.

“Yeah we are” Will said still holding left hand tight.

“That’s brilliant news” Hayley said running over and sitting on the arm of the chair with Noah closely behind her.

“So what happens now you know with Gypsy and everything?” Noah said

“I haven’t thought that far ahead” Will said a serious look now on his face.

“I’m sure we’ll figure it out I said snuggling up next to him and the couch. The cute little happy smile returned to his face. Irene entered with drinks for everyone.

“I’m so happy for the pair of you”

“Yeah, so am I” a voice from the doorway announced. “Just a pity that he’s still married to me really isn’t it”.

My heart sank. I was so caught up in Will’s love that I’d almost blanked out Gypsy’s announcement that she was on her way down to see Will.

“What the hell are do you want” Irene shouted springing up from her chair and marching right up to her.

“I’ve come to visit my husband”. Gypsy replied, she was still as vile as ever. “I’ve brought Lily with me she’s with a friend. Will, she might be a baby but she misses her daddy”.

I couldn’t look at Will. He kissed my hand and jumped up from the sofa.

“Get out before I throw you out” he said aggressively “I can’t believe even you would sink this low, using your own daughter to get what you want” He turned his back on her obviously furious.

“She needs a father Will and you can still be it. OK so biology may say different but I want you to be her father” Gypsy said.

“I never want to see you again. I loved that little girl. I was willing to give up everything for her but not any more. You had better find the real father and bleed him dry as there is no way I’m ever coming back to you” Will was so worked up, I’d only ever seen him this angry once before and that was when he came face to face with Kane after the attack.

“So you’ve come back for princess Dani” she hissed

“Don’t you dare...” Will said

“You heard him now get out of my house you evil little tart” Irene said

“Calm down Irene we don’t want you having another heart attack do we?” Gypsy replied. “Why don’t you have a beer, you know to calm your nerves?”

She had stepped over the line.

“You bitch” Irene shrieked and flew at her and before anyone could hold her back Irene had punched Gypsy full on in the face She fell to the floor with blood dripping from her nose:

“You’ll regret this Will, I’ll make sure you and princess do” She got up off the floor and calmly walked out the door. I knew that the trouble had only just begun.

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Chapter 6

“Wow” Kirsty said “She is such a lunatic”.

I couldn’t help but agree with her. Gypsy was always an arrogant, bitchy, selfish cow but her collapsed marriage to Will seemed to have sent her completely off her rocker.

“I can’t believe Irene punched her, did you take any photos?”

“Max!” Mom had obviously gone back into ‘let’s be nice to psycho Gypsy mode’ again. It had always annoyed me how my own mother was practically running a Gypsy Nash fan club, no wonder Kirsty thought dating Kane was no big deal. To say it wasn’t our usual breakfast conversation was an understatement.

“I’m going over to see Will” I told Mom and Dad. Dad pulled a face. I knew he wasn’t exactly ecstatic that Will and I had got back together. He’d always been over protective of me, even more so after the rape and Will and Gypsy. I didn’t say anything though. Nothing I had to say was going to change what had happened and how dad felt.

On the way to Will’s I bumped into Josh. His spiteful, jealous nature was on show once again.

“I here the wife’s in town, so what does that make you? The Other woman?” he snarled at me.

“Look Josh if you want me to cut off your privates with gardening sheers your going the right way about it” he had really annoyed me.

“I’m just looking out for a good friend” he said

“No your not. That would actually suggest you had a friend in the first place” I replied trying to just get rid of him.

“He will let you down again. I know he will” he said ambiguously.

“Oh yeah and how do you know?” I was really beginning to tire of Josh’s little games.

“Well he’s with her right now. That tells me something. I just saw them going to the beach house. They looked very cosy”

I didn’t answer him I just walked off shaking my head.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you” Josh shouted from behind me.

I was unnerved. My head was desperately trying to convince myself it was untrue, but I’d been with Josh for almost a year of my life and I knew in my heart that he wasn’t lying to me. I kept asking myself ‘if he hates her like he says he does, why is he meeting with her? And alone at that. I’d been let down once before I was determined not to let it happen again. I couldn’t believe that after only a day of us being back together he’d let me down again so soon.

As I walked upto the beach house, I could he hear shouting. Will and Gypsy’s voices were filled with anger. I waited and watched them from the porch.

“You can’t seriously love her, I mean she’s such an airhead” Gypsy was saying. I couldn’t believe I was being called an airhead by someone who could conceive a baby and still not know who the father was.

“Well I do” Will said “she is beautiful, sweet and the best person I have ever met and I’m not about to give her up for a second time for you.” My heart raced at that moment. I couldn’t believe how much he felt for me.

“Then do it for Lily” Gypsy said. My worries returned. A life without Gypsy was just what he wanted, but Lily was innocent in all of this. I wasn’t sure his desire to be with me was strong enough to overcome such obvious emotional blackmail.

“We can be a family. She never has to know about any of this” Gypsy continued, she was on a roll. “You’ll get over Dani Sutherland”

“I don’t want to get over Dani. Don’t you get it, I love her” Will shouted back.

“We belong together Will. You, me and Lily, Princess Dani can’t compete with that”

I couldn’t take my eyes off Will. Although I knew he meant it when he said he loved me I could see his heart was breaking at the thought of choosing a life without either me or Lily in it.

The final straw came after a few seconds as Gypsy moved in for a kiss. My heart broke. Although she initiated it the only thing that really mattered was that he responded.

“Your right I can’t compete” I said walking through the door way letting them know I was there for the first time.

“Dani” Will said obviously shocked. “This isn’t what it looks like”.

“Don’t lie Will it’s exactly what it looks like. We win Dani; I can’t believe it was that easy” she hissed with the smuggest grin I’d ever seen.

“I can’t believe I let myself get drawn back in. We’re over Will. I’m not going to keep being your second choice and that’s all I’m ever going to be while she and Lily are in your life.” I said filling up with tears but holding them back. I wasn’t going to give Gypsy any more satisfaction from hurting me.

“Dani you’re not second best, I want you, I choose you” Will said racing over to stop me from leaving the house.

“Let her go Will, she’s made up her mind” Gypsy said in the background.

“I’m tired Will. I’m tired of always feeling like I have to compete for you and never really winning. I was kidding myself that this could work while you and her are still connected in any way, shape or form.” I could see tears fill up in his eyes but I vowed to myself I was going to be strong. “Go back to your life and forget this ever happened”

“I can’t” Will said touching my face.

I pulled away from him. “You’re going to have to. Bye Will”. I wiped away a tear and slowly with my head held high I walked out of the beach house. I didn’t have the energy to compete with an innocent child and her scheming mother. I’d only have lost in the end; I wanted to keep some dignity. Gypsy had won. Will and I and our dream of being reunited was over.

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