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A Modern Romance (by Nicom) - comments


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I Love Drolleen! :wub:



“It’s pornography!” .....

“I’m going to die in prison! I’m going to rot in jail! I’m a sick, sick woman!”

Lmao I can imagin her saying that! Poor women.


Drew has a thing for older women.... so I bet he's really fancied Colleen for ages (and her bouncy hair).


I like the whole internet dating thing :P

lol poor Dan goes out to find a present for Ryan but finds his teenage nephew and the local old gossip queen having dirtty cyber talk!.


Thank you 'N' for posting.... may be Jacorey has competition :P




So this is a lesson for you all... be careful who you talk to on the Internet, as it might just be Colleen.

True! how do I know your not Colleen? :blink:

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