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Cheaper By The Death Count

Guest Tasha-Kit fan

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The title doesnt particularly mean anything, i just came up with it as it sounded better than The Home and Away story with no name in this fic i will attempt to turn potentially deadly terrifying situations into side splitting comedy... Try being the operative word... This will also take the mick out of american soaps e.g Days Of Our Lives...

To start with because i like in the UK im not up to date with all australian events on the show so this story will be set in like an Alternate universe after the barn fire and helicopter crash...

Main characters

Rachel - The town's main doctor, always on the scene whenever an accident or other medical emergency takes place whilst having major problems of her own that need resolving... She's currently going through a rough patch with Kim whilst harbouring secret feelings for a certain teenager... Will Rachel be foolish enough to act upon her feelings...

Kim - The towns resident heart throb and gym worker, currently the boyfriend of amazing medic Rachel Armstrong... Doubts are creeping into his mind, he is also trying to find out what shocking link he shares with Tasha after recieving a letter from an anonymous person from the City...

Sally - The towns new foster mother, taking the place of her own foster mother Pippa... Sally now takes in all the strays and runaways off the street, whilst being a mother to her own child baby Pippa and working at Summer Bay high as a teacher... A good friend soon becomes a love interest for Sal but will it be heartbreak all around or will she finally find true happiness.

Tasha - With a gorgeous husband, a beautiful baby and stunning looks... Tasha has it all and she's about to hit the big time when she recieves an unexpected offer from Stafford, Ian Osborne's worker.

Robbie - How lucky can one guy get, one minute he is a geek moving in with his mum and her new husband Rhys Sutherland... The next minute he's married to the stunning Tasha Andrews, they have a beautiful baby and he's now a presenter for Summer Bay's hot new radio show, but news off an amazing offer to Tasha from Stafford gives Robbie doubts, he believes Stafford was the one responsible for the breakup of his brother Scott and ex step sister Dani Sutherland.

Leah - Luck is not on Leah's side, when a business deal went wrong. She ran out of money and was forced to sell her share of the diner to Irene. She's now just a worker struggling to pay the bills and making sure that she doesnt lose her house. As if that wasnt enough she's been recieving strange letters...

Dan - With the death of his brother, Dan tracked down Peter's secret love child Drew Curtis and brought him to Summer Bay. He's now raising him as if he was his own son in Peter's honour, also a suprise is about to head Dan's way concerning a younger bay resident... Who could it be...

Amanda - She too is also running low on cash and schemes to get her hands on an old favourites cash through any means necessary, also a new venture spells danger for Ms Vale but could it be her permanent downfall...

Martha - Having doubts about her marriage, Martha begins to wonder if she's being honest with herself and if it was the right decision to marry Jack... She tries to drive the doubts out of her head by finding adventure but how long can she deny her true feelings...

Jack - Unaware of Martha's troubles, Jack's having problems of his own. His new liver is causing him to experience weird flashes that he can make absolutely no sense off. Will Jack's problems put his health in danger only time will tell...

Zoe - Although she's dead she's won a place in my (Tasha-Kit fan's) heart so she will be featured quite alot in this fic... Just exactly how remains to be seen to you readers that is :D

Supporting characters













I will post the backgrounds for the supporting characters when they have a main storyline in this fic, also quite a few past characters will be making a comeback so i will post their backgrounds when they turn up... I will also be adding my won madeup characters when i feel the need to add them, as soon as they have a storyline they will also have a background...

The background seem a little serious, but hopefully when i post my chapters the comedy will shine through...

Tell me what you think of the idea anyway people...

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Looking forward to the first chapter. Why does Martha always have to have a problem, its like she goes out of her way to have one. Looking forward for the first installment.

I guess its just a storyline to give her whilst Jack has his own problems lol... Its gonna be like addressing a serious problem but making it comical as well... If it comes across as insulting which i hope it doesnt then it wasnt intended... :)

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