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Falling Again

Guest Lakshya-KTrocks

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Peter is walking in the beach beach surfing with his musculer physique and his blond hair shining in the sun and is smiling to himself but suddenly stops when he spots a beatiful girl jogging in the beach , she had big blue eyes and a creamy complexion with long black hair upto her shoulders wearing a blue strapped top and blue Levi jeans and while she was jogging she Suddenly bumps into Peter.

Peter stares at the girl for a while and she looks at him with a confused expression and the girl tries to go but Peter blocks her way but then finally the girl pushes Peter away and runs and looks back at Peter while Peter smiles back at her , Drew wearing a black t-hirt and black trousers is watching all this with a mischevious smile on his face knowing that he and Dan need to hatch up a plan to get Peter in the romance department (Drew is standing far back from Peter while Peter is looking at the black -haired beaty jogging far away from him)

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Peter comes in wearing his trousers and wiping his face with a towel and as he comes in , Colleen whistles as he walks past , meanwhile Dan(wearing Blue Jeans and white t-shirt) and Drew are sitting in the Diner grinning and laughing as Peter notices this and sits down with Dan.(Peter hair is the 2005 look)

Peter-What are you two grinning and cracking on about

Drew(Still smiling)-You tell us Dad and about your fantasies

Dan-We never knew you cou;ld be drooling like a love-sick puppy

Peter(blushing)-Cut the rubbish and get to the point

Drew-I saw you staring at the brunette beaty

Peter(looking shy and turning his face away)-When do you spot me with her

Drew-I was behind you but you didn't notice me

Dan-So tell me Pete , what did she look like ?

Peter-Stop embarrassing me guys and by the way i was only playing about with her , i flirt with the girls but it doesn't mean i'm attracted to them in the way you guys are thinking

Drew-No Dad , i think it was then playing about , it was more like condooling (Dan and Drw both lugh and Peter walks away smiling and some pretty girls walk past smiling at him and Peter smiles back getting out of the Diner)

Dan-I think Peter really needs to have some fun in his life

Drew-Yeah and i think Dad has helped us and Community a lot and now its our turn to give him a life Partner

Dan-So will you help me in this quest to find a partner for our Peter.

Drew-Im so in this Uncle Dan as i would do nything for my father

Dan-Deal(gets his hands out )

Drew-Deal(Both shakke hands and smile to each other)

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Peter is deriving in his car wearing a black suit and has Gucci sunglasses on but suddenly stops his tracks when he spots the gorgeous girl walking on the pavement(background music The Tempatations "Treat her Like her Lady" comes and the girl is wearing Purple strap top and Black jeans with chains dangling down with black high boots)

Peter keeps on watching the girl but the girl suddenly stops and looks at Peter and bangs on the car window and Peter smiles and opens the window

The girl(Looking annoyed):Evreywhere i go you seem to stare at me

Peter:Sorry its just that i like the way you dress , you see my son is a designer and i need to get ideas from someone who is a stylish person , you see

The girl:I can tell when a person is lying and stop it because i know you were looking at me , ogling at me more like it.

Peter:I honestly wasn't , i told you that i like what you were wearing and thats all i was looking at nothing else

The girl:You seem like a grown man who should be mature and respectful , not damn guy who looks at girls in a vulger way(The mysterious girl leaving Peter looking pleased and Drew and Dan are behind the bushes witnesses all this grinning and laughing)

Dan-Wow she is beatiful but she gave such a Lecture to Peter

Drew-I know and the look on his face was priceless, his son a fashiion designer , what kind of excuse was that but it was a good one

Dan-I think Peter and her would make a good match , they are both good-looking ,fiesty and both have amazing bodies , i mean have you seen how curvy her body was

Drew-Yeah we need to get the two together if vwe see them again

Dan-Defnitly(Peter turns around and looks suspiciously but Drew and an are kneeling down the bushes so Peter cant see them)

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