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_-*'Sister's Till The End'*-_

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Topic Title – Sisters Till The End.

Topic Description – Lauren (Sophie) Baily (Shannon/me) Ben (Nic)

Type of story: Long fiction

Rating: T: Teen content. Mild or suggestions of adult content or themes

Main Characters: Lauren (Sophie) Baily (Shannon/me) Ben (Nic) Plus some characters who are already in the bay, Lucas, Drew, Matilda.. etc.

Genre: Mainly drama and romance

Warnings: No warnings.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Briefly summarise your story (5 lines max).

Sisters Till The End, is based around Lauren (Sophie) and Baily (Shannon/Me) and their adventures in the bay, later on they meet Ben (Nic) and thats when the fun begins!

Myself and Sophie have decided to do a fic together!

It's gonna be awesome!

We're gonna write as twin sisters, Sophie is taking on the role as Lauren Evans and I am Baily Evans who are moving to Summer Bay!

Hope you enjoy!

Here's the first chapter...

_-*'Sister's Till The End'*-_

Lauren's POV (Soph's)

Summer Bay? I thought to myself as I looked out of the car window. Apparently moving here was the ‘best’ for us. So here we were myself and my twin sister Baily driving to our new life in Summer Bay, with our parents who were driving in front of us in another car.

I had to be honest, the sights here so far in Summer Bay were awesome, and there were plenty hot boys to keep me busy.

I looked across at Baily who was driving our relatively new car, that we had for our last birthday,

“Baily? Can you believe we’re doing this?” I asked her,

“Not one bit...We’ve left all our friends in the city, but have you seen some of the guys here in Summer Bay? They’re way hot and way worth it!” She laughed.

“I just can’t believe I left all my dance and everything behind…I’m gonna miss doing it all, you know?”

“Yeh, totally, but hey Lauren? Don’t worry about it…we’ll settle in fast here and that’s a promise!” She smiled.

That’s one of the things I loved about Baily she always knew how to cheer me up when I was feeling down, even if we didn’t make any good friends here, we’d always have eachother…’Lauren & Baily Evans ~ Sister’s till the end!’

About 15 minutes later we arrived at the new house, it was ok, not as nice as the old house but it would be ok I guess.

I jumped out of the car and stretched my legs, I looked over to the house next door, there was a women, man, a young girl and a very hot looking guy, they started to walk across the lawn towards myself, Baily and our mother and father.

“Hey, I’m Beth, your new neighbour…” She smiled, she seemed nice,

“Hi, I’m Tony, Beth’s husband, this is Matilda and my son Lucas…” He said pointing towards the ‘hot looking guy’. Mmm Lucas…

“Uh, hey nice to meet you!” Baily Smiled, “I’m Baily, this is my sister Lauren, our mother Elaine and our father Jeff” She added.

“Nice to meet you” Mum said, “Sorry to be rude but we’d better get unpacking…” She said in a very polite voice.

“Yeh, sure, pop around anytime for a chat!” Beth added.

“See you later?” Lucas asked me smiling, “I could give you a guided tour of Summer Bay, if you like?”

“Yeh, sure….that would be awesome!” I smiled to him as my sister took my arm and walked into the house.

“I can’t believe you!” Baily whispered.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“Your already chatting up guys and how long have we been here?” She laughed,

“Well I have to do something to take my mind of losing my dancing career!” I smiled.

Loadsa Luv

Soph & Shan xXx

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Bailys POV (Shan’s)

“Come on Loz, we have a whole heap of unpacking to do,” I said dragging her back inside. We stepped around loose bits of newspaper, boxes, the cat and miss placed furniture till we finally reached the staircase.

”Geez,” Lauren sighed as she jumped over a box that was placed on the bottom stair.

‘Ha-ha, that must be Dads,” I said pointing to the label that read Garage.

“Sounds like him to leave his junk laying all-around the house,” Lauren laughed.

“Speaking of leaving junk all around the house,” I said as I watched our mum walk over to the bottom of the stair case and hand Lauren her jacket. Laurens pale face quickly turned a bright shade of red.

“Opps,” was all Lauren said as she threw her jacket over her shoulder and ran up the stairs. “Wait for me!” I called out after her as I followed her.

“Oh my gosh!” Lauren exclaimed as she looked at the awful green wallpaper.

“Omfg that so has to go, EW!” I said as I pulled a look of disgust.

“Share or Separate?” I asked Lauren, she immediately knew what I meant by that, bedrooms!

“Girls, you’re not sharing, you did in the old house and kept your father and I up all hours” Mum yelled out from downstairs.

“Awh Damm!” I sighed.

“Oh well, I get this room,” Lauren said as she walked into the bedroom overlooking Beth’s house.

“Ohh I wonder why!” I laughed. I knew it meant one thing, Lucas.

“Never,” Loz said giving me that innocent look she always did when she knew she was guilty.

“Right,” I said as I poked my tongue out at her and walked across the hall.

“This is it,” I said as I pushed the door open. It had plain white walls and white carpet.

“Well, that won’t last long white,” Mum observed.

“Baily, can you just move out of the door way for a minute?” She asked me, I did as I was told as the movers came in and placed my bookcase against the left wall.

“Here you go,” Mum said handing me the duster. I knew that was a sign to get onto it. I began to dust my bookcase, humming along to some random song that was in my head, I knew I knew it but I couldn’t think of what the hell it was.

“Ready to run!” I shouted. Lauren came running into my room.

“Baily, I hate that song,” Lauren said laughing.

“I couldn’t work out what it was till I hit the chorus,’ I explained.

“Speaking of what it was, check him out,” Lauren said as she looked out of my window. Walking along the footpath was a boy, around 17 with dark curls. He was wearing baggy jeans and a black top.

“Ohh,” I said watching him walk past our house.

“Gosh he is hot!” Lauren exclaimed.

“Tell me about it, but, don’t even think about it Loz, you have Lucas,” I protested.

“Well, technically, I don’t have anyone,” Lauren joked.

“Lauren come in here, you have dusting to do,” Dad yelled out from across the hall.

“He he,” I said to myself as Lauren left. I then sighed as one of the movers brought in a pile of boxes for me to unpack. This was going to be a long day.

Loadsa Luv

Shan & Soph xXx

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