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I'll Come Back To You

Guest jessie

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Story Title: I'll Come Back To You

Type of story: medium fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D

Summary: Jack is kidnapped and is dead...or is he?

Chapter 1

Martha had been sitting in stillness for what seemed like hours. One Month!, Its been ONE WHOLE MONTH! She knew Jack would want her to continue her life in Summer Bay and for her to find a new boyfriend, but how could she?

Martha was going over everything in her head that had happened to her in the last month. The shooting. The police car. Jack’s police partner coming to her front doorstep. Martha’s brain had been swarming with only 3 words.

Dont Say It

Dont Say It

Dont Say It

Dont Say It

Dont Say It

Dont Say It

Dont Say It

Dont Say It

And he said it. The two words that Martha feared he would say. She had a feeling he would say those words from the first moment she saw the car pull up. HE’S DEAD! Like a cow that’s been killed for meat or an antelope that has been killed by a pack of LIONS! DEAD! When Martha heard this she just zoned out. She was even listening to the whole story. She just heard that they saw him get shot and that they never got his body. She never got to bury him respectfully.

My life is gone, Jack is dead


The figure standing at the door watched her closely. Watched her drown her sorrows in alcohol and then watched her throw it up later on. His eyes started to water. He was so uncomfortable. He was wet, cut, scraped and scarred. But he didn’t care. Martha was gorgeous and he could look at her all day….

Martha saw something. A figure was standing by the window. She shut the curtains and sobbed. She then heard three knocks at the door and opened it. She saw a tall, dark haired man standing in front of her. He was dripping wet. She screamed and begged him not to hurt her. He had a balaclava over his head and he tried to grab her. She slammed the door in his face and rang the police. She sat down and cried. When they arrived he was gone…… He looked so familiar.

Tasha was her best friend and was trying to cheer her up. But nothing worked. It had been a day and she couldn’t stop shaking. She heard three knocks at the door and got scared.

“Whoo—s---e there?” asked Martha. She was scared that it was the mysterious man but thankfully it was Tasha.

“Martha it’s me, Tasha, there is a party for all Summer Bay residents down at the bar. Come along.” Said Tasha

Martha agreed much to Tasha’s delight. This was the first time Martha had been out since Jack’s death. But as she was crossing the street she was so sure that she could see the same tall, dark haired man with a balaclava over his head standing near the water’s edge. But he wasn’t dripping wet. He was mouthing something to her.


- Who is the mystery man?

- What does he want with her?

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