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I'll Come Back To You

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Great start. Look forward to reading more really soon :D

Oh god please tell me thats Jack. I'll give you a cookie if its Jack. I'll cry if its not Jack. Please be Jack. Great start though

Please udpate sooN D:

I'll give you some cookies aswell :D

Please post more soon.

And i'll buy you a whole cookie factory if you let Jack be alive :lol:

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Here guys, sorry It took so long!


Chapter 2

Martha was staring at the man accross the street. It wasn't untill she realised that she was standing in the middle of the road that she thought she should move. But she was so captivated by the mystery of the man that she couldn't bring herself to move. She even failed to hear the car coming her way!


The man saw the car....he saw it coming closer and closer...and closer....why wasn't she moving. Why is she just staring at me? He thought

He had to do something. The speeding car came around the corner. The man sprinted for her. He noticed the frightened look on her face as he dove on her and cleared her from harms way.


Martha opened her eyes to see the mystery man looking down at her. He reminded her so much of Jack. His muscles, his shape, his smell. She was convinced it was him.

"Jack??" said Martha

He was just about to say something

"OMG MARTHA ARE YOU OKAY?" Martha saw Tasha running over to her.

The mystery man got up and ran before she could see or say anything to him. Who was he?

Martha felt dizzy. She told Tash that she felt sick and she went up to her apartment.

Maybe she was waiting for him?

She needed to know If it was Jack, and if it wasn't who was it?


~ A glimpse of the man

Note: I know its short but I have to get off the computer

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