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I'll Come Back To You

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Chapter 3!


He/She noticed it. He/She noticed Martha's sudden glance at the water's edge whilst ignoring Tasha's long speech about how she needed to forget Jack and move on. And then he/she saw it. The figure. It was watching Martha's every move. The figure watched her, saved her life from the speeding car yet the figure abandoned her which caused Martha so much pain. He/She followed the dark, mysterious figure. The figure ran around Martha's apartment and down onto the windy, silent beach. The mysterious figure was constantly looking over its shoulder. But the figure didn't notice he/she because he/she hid too well for the figure to catch a glimpse.

The Figure ran for miles and miles. Untill an abandoned shed came into view. The figure stopped inside the shed and disappeared behind a door. It was shabby, like it hadnt been touched or cleaned in years. He/She got a shiver down their spine when they approached it. The shed was 2cm thick of dirt and had sand and dirt all throughout the shed. He/she noticed something. The familiarity of the shed.

It was the reception of Martha and Jack's wedding. But why was the mysterious figure here? Could it really be Jack? Were Martha's suspicions correct? Was her husband still alive? He/She walked inside and closed the door behind them which send a loud creak throughout the shed.

"Whose there?" replied a deep, husky voice from metres with the shed.

He/She could notice the dark figure's shadow sitting alone in the centre of the shed. The figure was slouched over and looked lonely. He/She took one step forward.

"STOP!" yelled the figure

"I cant trust you" he yelled again

"I had to come, suspicion overcame me. I saw you looking at Martha" said He/She

The figure flinched at the sound of Martha's name

"Who are you and how do you know Martha?" replied the figure.

He stood up and walked over to he/she. With a balaclava on and a hoody, he/she knew it was impossible to identify the figure although he/she was positive it was a man by the sound of the voice.

"Who are you?" yelled the figure.

He/She flinched. He/She took another step forward and raised his/her hands to the figures hoody. He/She slowly pulled it off. Then he/she moved her hands towards the balaclava ready to remove it.

"Don't" said the figure.

"Ill make you a deal, I shall remove my hoody and reveal myself to you, but only if you remove your balaclava and reveal yourself to me" asked he/she

The figure looked nervous. The figure was shifting from one foot to the other. The figure wasn't sure that they could trust this mystery person. After much hesitation, they agreed

"Deal" said the figure.

"1,2,3" they both yelled and removed their mystery masks to reveal their smooth skin to each other.

Both were shocked by what they saw.


~ Is he/she a girl or a boy

~ Who is he/she

~ Who is the mystery figure

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