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The Beginning Of What’s To Come!

Guest Lilone

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Note- Really couldn't think of a name so it's bit S*** lol.

Hope you enjoy the Fic, please if you do read this post me a comment I will be very greatfull :D

Peter Baker was sitting in his office chair looking through his latest case when his mobile began to vibrate in his pocket.

He then reached into his pocket, as he looked at who was calling he began to smile.

“Peter Baker”

“Hey Pete, It’s Trace”

“Well I would of never of guessed that” said Peter as he joked with Tracey.

“You can’t say anything without a joke involved in the sentence can you?” asked Tracey

Peter’s smile began to grow as the thought of him and Tracey making out on his office table.

“Pete you there?” asked Tracey as she didn’t hear a reply from Peter.

“Yes sorry I am here, I was just in a daze” Laughed Peter as he imagined kissing Tracey over and over again.

“You fancy going to get a bite to eat?” asked Tracey as she flirted constantly over the phone.

“Sure I only have a mountain of paper work to finish but I am sure that I can fit you into my timetable” said Peter as he joked with Tracey.

“I will just grab my coat and I will meet you at the ‘Day and Night” in around 10 minutes?”

“Yeah sure I will see you there” said Tracey as she put down the phone; she then started to walk into the police stations car park where she thought that she would give Peter a surprise.

Peter had a massive grin on his face as the thought of meeting Tracey went through his mind; he put the files in the cabinet and picked up his car keys before heading out the station.

As he walked to his car he heard a footstep behind him.

He slowly turned around to see Tracey standing in front of him before he heard her say “Well look who it is” laughed Tracey as she went to kiss Peter on the cheek.

Tracey pulled away from Peter and said,

“I thought I would give you a little surprise”.

Peter and Tracey arrived at the ‘Day and Night’ bar where Peter ordered him and Tracey some food.

Peter was so happy for having Tracey as company for the evening, every minute he spent with her the more feelings he gained towards her.

What disastrous event happens that will change Peter and Tracey’s life forever?

P.S please bare with me its just the start things get more intresting the more I write :D

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Peter slowly began to wake and turned round to face Tracey who was face asleep, Peter began stroking her hair; he was so happy that he and Tracey started something special, he was falling for Tracey more and more.

Tracey slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Peter who was looking at her, “Morning gorgeous” Peter said as he kissed her.

“How long have you been awake?” asked Tracey.

“Not long, you are even more beautiful when you’re asleep” said Peter as he leaned down and kissed her passionately.

Peter’s mobile began to ring from his trousers in Tracey’s kitchen.

Peter got out of bed and walked nude into the kitchen.

Tracey began to laugh as she watched Peter walk away from her.

Peter reached down and grabbed his phone.

“Peter Baker”

“It’s you no, your brother who would like to see you once n a while” Dan joked.

Sorry Dan, I was busy” said Peter as he walked back to Tracey then laid next to her.

“I will come round and see you in a few hours”

Tracey began to kiss Peter and he started to giggle down the phone.

“Pete are you ok”

“Yes sorry I was just drinking my flat white” replied peter as he kissed Tracey back.

Dan sensed Peter was not right so he said “Mate I will catch you later” before putting down the phone.

“I think I better get going, go see Dan before I lose contact all together”

Peter kissed Tracey, she held his hand before he slowly pulled away from her hand and headed out of the door.

Tracey got up off her bed and headed into the shower, while she was in the shower all she could think about was her special night with Peter. As Tracey ran her fingers through her hair she remembered how sweet Peter was last night, always making sure she was ok, and when she saw his body she was amazed at how toned and perfect it was.

Tracey finished in the shower and started to get ready for work,

As she collected her car keys she grabbed her latest case and headed for her car.

Peter arrived near the dinner where Ric greeted him.

“Hi detective Baker”

“What have you done?” joked Peter

A nervous Ric replied by saying “no nothing I am a good boy”

“I was joking with you, have you seen Dan?” replied Peter as he locked his car and walked into the dinner.

“Pete” said Leah as she walked over and hugged him.

“Hi Leah are you ok”

“Yeah not too bad but must admit I have missed my brother in-Law”

“Well I am not here long but I would love a Greek home cooked Meal,” laughed Peter

Dan entered the dinner and walked straight over to Peter greeting him with a very big hug.

“Mate long time no see”

“Yea I no sorry but I will be seeing you later as Leah is cooking us Dinner”

“That sounds brilliant,” said Dan as he sat at the table with Peter, Leah brought over Peter’s flat white.

Tracey was driving to work when she suddenly swerved off the road and crashed into a near by tree, their was smoke everywhere.

Tracey was unconscious until she started to come round a few minutes later; she managed to reach down for her mobile and text Peter saying, “ Help me. I need you” just before going unconscious again.

Dan was drinking his coffee when he decided to ask his brother about why he was so busy earlier

“Why couldn’t you talk earlier?” asked Dan.

“I was busy” said Peter with a massive smile on his face.

“So it’s a woman” laughed Dan.

Peter’s mobile began to bleep, he read the message twice and his face dropped

“What’s wrong?”

Peter just looked again at the message then dialled Tracey’s number but it wasn’t ringing,


“It’s Tracey she is hurt”

“Who?” asked a very confused Dan?

“She is in danger” shouted Peter as he raced to his car to find Tracey, Dan followed him to his car.

Promo: Will Tracey survive?

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