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Avatar Authorisation!

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Not sure if the the avatar you want to use is considered a spoiler? Then please use this thread in order to consult the mods.

Members should be aware that this TOPIC IS LIKELY TO CONTAIN SPOILERS!

We would ask that if you're not sure about an avatar that you post it in here before you set it as your avatar.

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Okay, so not so spoilerish but, if I were to use this


avatar, people might get a bit confused, and worry that it was a new spoiler. So my question... am I able to use it, because its Ric and an Original Character that I simply put a face to.

Is the girl a charcter then? Sorry I get confused easily. If she's not a character or isn't going to be I see no problem with it, you could explain in your sig then people wont freak.

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Exactly that. You didn't know if she was a character or not, therefore other people might think its a spoiler.

Shes actually a Canadian actress who I simply used as a face to the name of an Origianl Character I created. Not a spoiler... but I'd still like clarification that it would be okay to use it!

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